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Topic: Cloning your system

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    Cloning your system

    Thought I'd share this-

    I had an 80 Gb system drive and it has become full. I have no idea what most of the stuff on it was. So, long story, I got a new bigger drive. Now to transfer everything over, passwords etc - oh my. BUT my son found Clonezilla.

    Its free and doesn't run under windows but as a boot disk and makes a copy of your C: drive - an exact copy. Place the new drive in, wire it up, boot up with the DVD drive, make the copy, reboot on the new drive 240 Gb. Unplug the old drive, keep as spare. Done - everything seems to work no need for passwords, registration code etc - all done in a hour.

    Worth making a note of the name for future reference - its FREE
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    Re: Cloning your system

    No doubt very useful, especially when free.

    I invested a small amount in Acronis True Image which allowed me to do the same but from 250 to 750 GB!
    No DVD's involved, just reboot when you've told it how you want the partitions set up.
    It goes into DOS mode, then when the clone is made, reboots into Windows.

    Acronis also does backups etc. which is why I chose it.

    The downside is that it puts some junk onto the PC which has to be stopped from running using the services.msc system utility. Otherwise it can affect performance.

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    Re: Cloning your system

    I have a Maxell transfer cable. Like John, I invested a small amount in it (on the recommendation of the PC tech who saved my wife's system a year ago).

    It's simple to use (finds the remote drive itself), works on USB2 and can be used on Linux and Mac OS as well as Windows (provided both drives are the same)

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