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Topic: Need advice, please

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    Need advice, please

    I compose a lot of orchestral and chamber pieces, as well as jazz. I\'ve been using the miroslav orchestra in AKAI format imported into my EXS24 in Logic.
    I need to purchase a new library to speed up my workflow in the following ways:
    1) I spend way too much time editing the Miroslav instruments, applying key switches and other controls so that I can heighten the realism of the sounds.
    2) As I am not a pro-engineer, I spend too much time in the mixing stage experimenting with EQ and processing to make the sounds sit well in the mix. I enjoy learning while doing this, but it is too time-consuming when I have deadlines.
    So, I\'ve been looking into newer libraries that incorporate high-quality sounds with more pre-programmed, \'user-friendly\' plug-and-play articulations and controls. The 3 libraries I\'ve been researching are the VSL Horizon Opus 1, the GPO, and the QLSO.
    The problem is that I haven\'t come across enough information to make an informed decision, because these libraries are so new that reviews haven\'t yet been posted.
    What I did find out is that Horizon comes in EXS format and includes such features as the legato tool to add realism; I also read that the GPO is a self-contained library designed for ease-of use, with pre-programmed articulations and controls, though I don\'t know any more specifics because the web-site doesn\'t have info about articulations and controls yet. Finally, I found that the advantage of the QLSO is that it is also, like the GPO, self-contained with pre-programmed controls AND the sounds are pre-EQ\'d and panned, which I suppose would require less work in the mixing stage.
    But, from what I could see, the QLSO is not available for OS X and I use Logic 6 in OS 10.3. Also, I\'m concerned that the Opus 1\'s performance tools might have steep learning curves. As for the GPO, I\'ve listened to the demos, but I don\'t know how much they have been processed to sound good; considering the low price of the GPO, I\'m suspicious as to how good the sounds could be. And, again, I\'m still unclear as to the specific kinds of pre-programmed articulations/controls in the package.
    I guess what I\'m really looking for is an orchestral equivalent of a \'ROMpler\' like Spectrasonics Trilogy, where everything is pre-programmed and you don\'t have to spend hours setting up layers and controls and choosing out of a list of millions of samples for particular phrases. Also, an added bonus would be if the sounds were pre-edited in such a way that reduces mixing time on my end.
    Can anyone help me out? Considering my needs, which do you think would be best for me and why?
    Thanks a lot.
    Peter [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need advice, please

    Start with GPO - you likely won\'t be disappointed. Then I\'d spend the next $300 on QLSO SILVER - see if you like it (it IS OSX compatible). If you like silver you may want to take the upgrade path up to Gold or platinum. East West will credit you for the $300 you\'ve already spent towards your new library.

    I think these 2 libraries will make you very happy, for less then $600, and then you can always invest more later. The sounds on the demos for both GPO AND QLSO are straight out of the sampler - no EQ, Reverb etc.


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    Re: Need advice, please

    Cool. Good advice. I didn\'t know QLSO was out for X yet. Are the Gold & platinum editions out for X also? Any opinions on the VSL Horizon Opus 1?
    Peter [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need advice, please

    All the QLSO products are available for OS X.

    I don\'t have a lot of opinions on VSL. I\'ve personally not been super blown away by the demos. I played with a friends system that had it but was not super impressed either - however I only had about 10 minutes to putz around with it.

    I do know there\'s a LOT of guys that LOVE VSL though, and I\'m not really qualified to talk against it. But personally the demos have not sold me on spending that much money [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] My own 2¢


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    Re: Need advice, please

    QLSO Gold is the easiest library I\'ve ever used. The sounds are terrific and simple to access and play, the mixing is pretty much done for you and the kompakt host really seems ideal for the task (although you\'ll need kontakt for strip-down editing).

    Listen to Dave Marsden\'s Cartoon demo on the Soundsonline site. You can hear the various instruments clearly thanks to his effective scoring. It persuaded me to buy Gold and I haven\'t been disappointed!.

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    Re: Need advice, please

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    All the QLSO products are available for OS X.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">J
    Are you sure? I thought they hadn\'t been released yet.

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    Re: Need advice, please

    I can\'t find any info either saying that QLSO has been released for OS X already. At soundsonline, it still says \"RTAS™ support and OS X compatibility including support for Audio Units and Core Audio will be available as a downloadable update later.\"


    Is this wrong?

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    Re: Need advice, please

    Originally posted by Pfd4:
    I can\'t find any info either saying that QLSO has been released for OS X already. At soundsonline, it still says \"RTAS™ support and OS X compatibility including support for Audio Units and Core Audio will be available as a downloadable update later.\"


    Is this wrong?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The OS-X update is not released yet. It\'s in final beta and we expect to release it very soon.

    We did however release a substantial V2 Update of the \"Platinum Edition\" today.

    Doug Rogers

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    Re: Need advice, please

    Back to the primary question: how to simplify one\'s workflow, I\'d turn to either GPO or EWQL. I haven\'t recieved GPO yet, and haven\'t ordered Silver (yet), but here\'s my take (for what it\'s worth):

    * GPO applies programming to reduce the need for multiple articulations. Play with more force, and you get a sharper attack. Fiddle with the mod wheel and the volume and timbre change. Hold the sustain pedal down and you get a legato effect.

    I haven\'t tried it, so I can\'t tell you how effective it is, but the demos tell part of the story, and other threads here tell the rest. *In theory it should work well and simplify things.*

    * EWQL is known for its recording techniques in an ambient space. At least that\'s the primary marketing message. You\'d have to listen to the demos and judge the sound for yourself. If you like it, it would likely simplify your mixing issues.

    * VSL\'s performance tool sounds pretty simple from the descriptions I\'ve read here. (Listen to the second sax demo for a clear example of the potential results.) Once you set it up, then an overlap or small gap between notes will automatically trigger the legato samples. Play with enough gap between notes and it skips the legato. Simple!

    But VSL is more traditional in its use of articulations, and it requires back-end mixing for ambience. It probably won\'t speed your production much - except in the case when the legato tool hits the sweet spot. That could reduce the monkeying with articulations a bit.

    If articulations are your biggest time-sink, go for GPO. If getting the right mix is your biggest headache, get Silver. At $249 and $295 it\'s not like a life and death decision. Bigamy is legal in the sample library world :-)

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    Re: Need advice, please

    Yea - like Doug said - None of the EWQL stuff is available for OSX yet [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Sorry for the misinformation - I was basing it on the fact that Kontakt is OSX and I thought the QLSO product was just waiting for Kompakt to be released for OSX. Since it has been, I presumed (falsely) that everything was hip hopping along. But now Doug has spoken......

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