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Topic: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

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    How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    Dear friends,

    I am wondering how to do a \"mockup\" or imitation of the Enya choirs. Those big \"swooping\" choir sounds and some of the faster phrases aswell. Whats the trick? Is there any current sample library that can do this swooping choir fx?

    Help me here! Dear Lord. I have been good the whole year. I never killed an insect and I always assist old ladies over the street.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    I believe SOV has those Enya esque choirs.

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    I tried listening to the SOV demos - but I couldnt really hear any real Enya-like choirs on it. Are you sure about it Mr. Zapp? What about VOTA can it do enya-sounding choirs?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    Get Atmosphere.

    It has some great high-fidelity (cause that\'s what you want I guess), rich sounding choir patches.

    Of course it\'s not only choirs...


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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    Ok Maarten. Whatever you command. You are my hero - so I will carry out that order right away. You want anything else done, while da boyz is in da neibarhoodz?

    But I thought Atmosphere was synths only? Will I find Enya choir amongst the synths? Really!? Honestly!? Truthfully?! Scouts honour and all!?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    Yeah, your boyz can get rid of some nasty people around here. I\'ll make sure you and your boyz get some dough for that... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    But seriously, check the patch list on the Spectrasonics website. I\'ve had Atmosphere for 5 days now and I came across 4 or 5 vocal patches. They sound a lot like SoV. Warm and deep. Of course, don\'t expect 100 choir patches. It\'s not a choir module.

    But no, it\'s not just synths either. There\'s even acoustic strings patches in there. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Making an Atmosphere strings demo as we speak.

    Good luck (and obey me!!),


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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    How To Sound Like Enya

    Step 1: Poop in hand.
    Step 2: Smear poop on ears.
    Step 3: Repeat ad infinitum.

    Oops. Did I say that out loud?

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---


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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    Quit the quality debate please. I dont like Enya either. But potential customer I am working with does - so - I need help! The topic was how to create those swirling enya like choirs. How is it done? Would VOTA be usable for this purpose? Ok!?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: How to create Enya sounding choirs ---

    For this, I actually think your best best is SOV...there\'s more to choose from in vocal textures that are stacked. Atmosphere has a little bit of these elements in the sounds, but they are more integrated as part of synth sounds. SOV is purely vocal textures.

    Enya doesn\'t use \"choirs\", she does multitracking of her voice to get that effect. That\'s the same technique we used for the entire Pop Stacks disc. I don\'t believe there is anything like this on VOTA. If you crossfade Vowels and use the moving vowels patches, that can get very close to Enyas vibe. For the ultimate thing, get a good female soloist to sing lines, and then track her parts with the SOV Pop Stacks samples, that is much easier than doing those 100 track things that Enya does, and it can sound very close.

    Hope that helps!


    PS. Maarten\'s Atmosphere demos are sounding pretty cool!

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