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Topic: Garritan Family!

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    Garritan Family!

    Well, I just wanted to say all of you guys are great! I am not really active in communities, but the Garritan Community has been a real great experience! The only other community I am active in is Celestial Heavens for my game project LOE. I have learned a lot since being a part of this family of composers! Also made some new friends! So, I just want to give my thanks and respects to a great community with great people!

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    Re: Garritan Family!

    Heheh! That is a lot of thumbs!

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    Thumbs up Re: Garritan Family!

    You can add my thumbs up too.

    After checking out my own forum this is the first place I visit ... every day.
    I don't always login, depends if something comes up that I'm interested in, like your experiments Rich.

    A good, friendly, informative place.

    It gets my vote.
    Author of MIDI tutorials at http://midi-tutor.proboards.com/index.cgi

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    Re: Garritan Family!

    Add mine as well! A friendly, helpful and talented bunch of people with none of the ego wars or flaming that can go on in other forums I've come across.

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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