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Topic: AO sounds better than GPO

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    AO sounds better than GPO

    Just got GPO. I like Advanced Orchestra better. Good programming will only take you so far. I\'ve been lurking on this forum recently and after all the rave reviews, I expected more. Some of the strings are good, but overall the sound is marginal. The brass is awful. I think Mr. Garritan has a big PR campaign going. Should have saved the cash for Opus or quantum gold.

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    Well mister, you obviously have no frikkin idea what you\'re talking about. Marginal sound. pff. probably something wrong with your equipment!.
    Yes, thats your own bloody problem you\'re out of $$ now!

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    Uh... well... Ummmm.... you know, the GPO demos sound pretty darn good. It\'s been highly praised by just about EVERYBODY I can think of on this forum. Now, I really cannot say just how fantastic the library is, as a GPO user ...(I haven\'t received my copy yet)... But, I can say with almost 100% certainty that it will definately outshine Advanced Orchestra. I mean, I have the AO library collection ... and it was pretty good for it\'s time... but samples and sampling have come a long way since AO was released. Don\'t get me wrong, Peter Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra is a very useful library to have in one\'s collection... I just really feel that there\'s no comparison. Garritan Personal Orchestra will always win hands down.... But hey, that\'s just my opinion. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    Gandalf, give it time. Learn how to use it. If you have ANY doubt at all about it\'s potential, go to Gary\'s website and listen to the many demos.

    One in particular you might want to listen to is called PEACE. Done by an Italian composer in two hours. I truly doubt AO could ever sound this good, or be as easy to use.

    My own experience with GPO has been one of pure joy. It\'s a wonderful tool for opening up your creativity.

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    I thought that from first user demos too, but the new demos sounds very good (Grieg piano Concerto sounds GREAT)
    Now I heard silver demo and it sounds very nice.

    Im really not decided which to buy:-(

    (plus for SILVER is upgrade opportunity for garritan is that you get sequencer and more instruments..)

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    I think AO sounds better as well. It\'s probably not as versatile and certainly has less features, but for raw sound, it\'s is more pleasing to my ears.

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    Odd thing about this forum, how someone pops up out of nowhere and chooses to make his or her debut appearance amongst us with a backhanded slam. Motive?

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    Gandalf have you got any idea how cheap GPO is? It\'s meant for learning orchestration and actually sounds very good in my opinion, judging from the demos.

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO

    [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] I always wonder about post like these. I\'ve seen it on both eastwest and the garritan forums it gets suspicious for us when your identity and ip is spoofed. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    If you buy a cd from a manufacture state your real identity that way the developer will get
    proper feed back on what they should do better.
    The past month we have been seeing this happen in the eastwest and garritan forums. \" I\'ve been lurking here.....and this product is no good\" [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]
    Come on guys if I had problem with a product I just recently purchased i would have no problem letting a developer or anyone know who I am, and hopefully they would try to help me out or i\'m going to their competitor.

    I think the forum is getting tired of these types of posts. The many emails we get from users every day on these issues are proof of it.

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    Re: AO sounds better than GPO


    In fairness to Gary Garritan, I don\'t think the hype has come from him. However, I can understand someone buying GPO and being disappointed if they\'ve taken as gospel much of the uncritical gushing and a** kissing that\'s been associated with this library.

    At one point someone connected with GPO was claiming it was going to be as good as EWQLSO! Someone else claimed he found the sound of GPO almost indistinguishable from the real thing!!! That\'s just pure hype.

    Let\'s be honest, we\'re not talking VSL, SAM, GOS, EWQLSO, SISS, PMI, Dan Dean or Kirk Hunter here. We\'re talking about a $250 library designed to fit a whole orchestra into a laptop.

    Personally, I\'ve heard quite enough of GPO to be sure it simply isn\'t going to compete with the more expensive libraries I\'ve mentioned, nor is it fair or helpful to claim that it does. More to the point, it is unfair to expect it too.... IT ONLY COSTS $250! If I\'m wrong then why does VSL cost thousands and why can\'t you run it on one laptop?
    If I\'m wrong and you believe GPO is as good as it gets then why is Gary still selling GOS?

    To be honest, I\'m sick of the hype and it\'s about time GPO was seen in perspective. GPO isn\'t a miracle, it\'s a targeted product designed to be an orchestral sketchpad that will run on a laptop.

    It\'s fantastic that now, just about anyone can afford a whole orchestral library for $250 and if GPO floats your boat, great have fun! However, I really hope there aren\'t too many people like Gandalf who, because of all the hype, have got less than what they had bargained for.

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