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Topic: MP3 of Orchestral librarys?

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    MP3 of Orchestral librarys?

    Hello everyone!
    I have been reading the posts of orchestral librarys on a budget (and I\'m on a very tight one as a student!) and wondered whether there were any MP3 demos of sounds from AO and prosonus librarys. I have downloaded the demo from the UK distributer for prosonus and it told me nothing (just a load of percussive noises!).
    Any thoughts?
    I have decided to put the Grandioso Bosendorfer in as my piano at last so it neds to blend with this.

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    Re: MP3 of Orchestral librarys?

    Go here:




    You will find what you need in both places.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: MP3 of Orchestral librarys?

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