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Topic: Please help me get this out

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    Please help me get this out

    I\'ve had a couple of requests for my toy piano gig (done this summer), but unfortunately I\'ve run into a few problems making the rar file available for download.

    Once I add a couple more programming tweaks, I\'d be willing to mail a CD-RW with both the rar file and the extracted gig file on it to anybody with a home for the file from which it could be downloaded by others.

    Please e-mail me your mailing address so that I can snail mail the CD-RW to you (how archaic!)


    Any takers? tob?

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    Re: Please help me get this out

    you can prolly mail it to someone close than tob, with a broadband connection so they can mail it to tob [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    hehee, the bandwitdth geek that he is!

    Or they can Email/send it to Worra as well!

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    Re: Please help me get this out

    We will be happy to host the toy piano for you!
    You can send it to us (CD-R or RAR via cable).
    Contact us at: postpiano(nospam)@xs4all.nl for details - remove the (nospam) from our emailadress.

    Michiel Post

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