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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!

    It must be the season for computer viruses, only last week I had downloaded an infected file which destroyed all Office & JPG & ZIP files on my harddrives, without my virusscanners (AVG and F-Prot) noticing it.
    When I tried to open those files, they all showed just one word: Bye.
    I had to go through the ordeal of spending many hours of installing an image over the C: drive, and trying to salvage some of the files, and then I have not mentioned the amount of work I lost thanks to not saving it on some CD.
    So, you have my sympathy. May those who write the viruses have a permanent virus installed in their bowels.

    By the way Kip, there is one program for screening email that I can recommend, it\'s called MailWasher . It lets you preview messages in text mode, so that, although it is unformatted, you can read it; this way no virus can get through. It\'s quite good, it even has a bounce option which sends an email back to the sender letting him/her know that the mail could not be delivered. It\'s a nice way of fighting spammers.

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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!

    So this is a Mac virus, Kip? Nasty. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!

    I learned a long time ago to read email in text mode only, especially on my business computer. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!

    Originally posted by Hasen:
    So this is a Mac virus, Kip? Nasty. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">PC virus

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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!


    I appreciate your sympathy, even though I was not looking for sympathy.


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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!

    Viruses can be a bitch to get rid of. I recently had my internet computer attacked by some worm. F-Prot detected it and my firewall didn\'t let it connect to internet (The virus was trying to spread through the net) - Getting rid of it was a different matter. I had to start dos and manually delete all the various files it had infected. Why do people make such things?

    Anyway, the solution for me with email viruses has been to install a very early version of the Foxmail-client. It does not support macros, autorunning attachments or html-code/scripts, thus leaving my computer safe of any dangerous email-virus attachments. I recommend it to everyone here. Do not use Outlook Express. It\'s got a billion security holes, and they never seem to fix it.


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    Re: VIRUS ALERT!!!


    I use Mailwasher too. Not only does it identify many viruses before they even get to your machine (while they are still on your ISP), but it also eliminates tons of spam.

    -- Martin

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    Yesterday I received an email with an attachment, which I ALWAYS DELETE when I receive such email. This particular email opened on its own when I merely highlighted it in order to delete it from my internet computer. This was some sort of a worm virus and unfortunately it went out to many people in my address book. I have been using Norton Anti Virus and Firewall protection, but evidently some BTARD has come up with a virus that can bypass Norton protection, and also open on its own when you merely highlight the email in order to delete it.

    I have spent the last eighteen hours re-formatting my computer and re-installing everything in order to resolve this situation.

    I extend a public apology to everyone in my address book who received this virus attachment from my computer.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Bardstown Audio

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