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Topic: ProjectSam for Kontakt conversion tips needed

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    ProjectSam for Kontakt conversion tips needed

    Who has successfully installed Project SAM Horns, Trombones under OS9 and OSX for Kontakt?

    I could use some help regarding the installation. Is there someone who has done this before on their Mac?
    It seems I have folder names weirdness created by unzipping with Expander 6.0 and 7.03, and such and the installation seems so messy that I can\'t believe this is right.

    The Sam team has been extremely helpful - but at this point it seems that if I had some direct guidance over the phone it would accelerate the process. Please send me a direct mail so I get in touch - Thanks so much

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    Re: ProjectSam for Kontakt conversion tips needed

    You need the Joliet file extension on OS 9 to get the names displayed correctly. i\'ve successfully installed SAM on both OS 9 and X but with HALion and not Kontakt so can\'t really give detailed aid.

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    Re: ProjectSam for Kontakt conversion tips needed

    Hasen -

    This is great, it certainly addresses some of the problems.

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: ProjectSam for Kontakt conversion tips needed

    Thought I share some additional impressions with my conversion. Some of the confusion comes in with the file name char limitation under OS9. When reading the CD in OS9 with Jolietm the (over 31 chars) names look fine and the comments field show the full name. That\'s great.

    However, when I take the files (zip, rar, gig) to destuff and and expand them from the CD the new names show ASCII jibbersish again - comment fields are empty.

    This is also the case when switching back from OSX to OS9. Long names just don\'t show.

    I decided to expand and transfer all Sam Project Giga files to my HD in OSX. Using Kontakt I separated the stuff out according to their otherwise fine instructions.

    Once the .wav/.aif files were in the right locations I copied all names of all their kontakt .nki files in a txt document knowing that once I switched back to OS9 names would otherwise be lost (tuncated). And, once the .nki extensions are nipped off Kontakt would not read the SAM .nki files.

    Please feel free to share any further thoughts regarding th Project SAM conversion and installation for Mac OS9 OSX users. I would love to hear it. I still do have a mile to go until I finally can make music, do I.


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