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Topic: Your favourite Christmas song?

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    Your favourite Christmas song?

    What is your favourite Christmas song? The song that put you in the right mood?

    Mine is John Lennon: War is over.

    It\'s been like this since it came out for the first time... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Your favourite Christmas song?


    Beautiful Xmas song. My favourite.


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    Re: Your favourite Christmas song?

    Ohhhh man, you sucked me in- I actually listened to that...... now I\'m LMFAO!


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    Re: Your favourite Christmas song?

    Every year, since I was a toddler, someone has Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory on the box. There\'s a song on it that starts: there is no place I Know....

    Its over-sentimental, almost mawkish, but I always feel christmas-y when I hear it. Its not about christmas but it is about the power of a child\'s imagination and so is very much linked. I can\'t help but enjoy it.

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    Re: Your favourite Christmas song?

    I didn´t have any until I hear http://www.petergreenmusic.com/holybubba.mp3 ... I loved it!!!

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