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Topic: Really Good Game Compositions:

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    Really Good Game Compositions:

    I just wanted to share a list of great video game compositions with everyone. There is some really great stuff out there!

    Final Fantasy VI - Opening Theme (Opening, The empire Gestahl, Terra's Theme)
    To date this is the best arrangment/orchestration done to these themes. This is my favorite video game orchestration!

    Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest II Akuryo no Kamigami:
    - Holy Shrine (Clip)

    Ys Zanmai:

    Might and Magic VI - Casle Ironfist
    This one is one of my all time favorites!

    Heroes of Might and Magic IV - Dirt Lands Theme:

    Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower:
    I grew up with this game and this theme has stuck in my head since!

    Final Fantasy Legend - Wipe Your Tears Away:
    This is another one from FFL, it is a really great piece and fit the moment in the game.

    Zelda III - Hyrule Castle (Orhcestrated):
    This is another of my all time favorites!

    Zelda III - Dark World (25th Anniversary):
    I really love the horns in this!

    That is all I got for now! Hope you all enjoy!



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    Re: Really Good Game Compositions:

    I love game music. These are really good. To be honest there are a lot of good pieces in video games today. Some of them are better than movie soundtracks. I watched a video of the making of a Harry Potter game and they used a huge studio with a full orchestra to record it. It's really amazing how much the industry has expanded and the budgets have increased.

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    Re: Really Good Game Compositions:

    Fun and informative, Richard, especially for those of us who aren't as familiar with gaming music as you are.

    There's certainly a grand style these pieces have in common, actually surprisingly old fashioned, and certainly cinematic. These composers have been majorly influenced by John Williams and that whole large, sweeping orchestra sound that's been popular in film music for some time now. I think the influence may even go in the other direction too, with gaming music influencing soundtrack work. Thanks.


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    Re: Really Good Game Compositions:

    It is true, some of the game composition these days are if film OST quality. Interesting, about that Harry Potter Game OST. I'll have to check it out.

    I love music in general! I have always been a big fan of video game music since I was a kid. Then later fell in love with movie music!



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    Re: Really Good Game Compositions:

    Here is the video.

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