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Topic: Allow to make this clear.

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    Allow to make this clear.

    Allow to make this clear.

    My comments on the post: \"GPO sounds better than AO\" are very simple.

    I own AO and have made great use of it. I understand now that it cost less. Awesome! I own every CD Peter S. has made.
    So, if there is a fan of his work, it\'s me.

    Second, Huston Haynes and Alan Lastufka are new friends of mine and yes they help me with things.
    Are they on a pay role? No. Are they told to post for me? No. They can say whatever they like.

    Last and most important: I do belive I made it very clear that what bothered me was a bashing post by the unknown.
    Even the owner of this forum suspects dirty pool - so please tell me why I should not stand by another developer who has been
    a friend to me and to all of you?

    Did I insult AO? I hope not.

    Now - if this was a legitimate complaint - did I not say that I would simply view it as an opinion and leave it at that? Yes.

    In my opinion, and yes I have a right to one, I belive it was dirty pool.

    The end. No harm. No foul. My view

    Francis Belardino

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    Re: Allow to make this clear.

    No problem, Francis. I think anyone who actually READS these posts knows what you intended.

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