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Topic: Do you use MIDI metronome ?

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    Do you use MIDI metronome ?

    This may be a little off topic, but I always
    wonder if you folks use MIDI metronome when
    you do sequencing. My tendency is to use it
    so that I can print out nice looking sheet
    music at the end. But it is so painful to
    mess around with the changes of the tempo so
    that it will match my real-time performance

    If you have any good suggestions, I would love
    to hear from you experts out there.


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    Re: Do you use MIDI metronome ?

    I don\'t know of you use Cubase or not, but the Tempo Track in Cubase makes it very easy to alter the tempo. You can insert different time signatures just as easily as drawing a midi note. If you\'re familiar with how Sound Forge or Premier uses rubber bands, Cubase\'s tempo track uses the same idea. Just insert a point at the beginning of the retard and one at the end, then just drag the band. It couldn\'t be easier. It\'s probably my favorite part of Cubase [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Do you use MIDI metronome ?

    I almost always use the metronome. Whenever I need to change the tempo I open a \"new project\" (on my Cubase SX) , after I finish it , I import this one to the original project.

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    Re: Do you use MIDI metronome ?

    There\'s nothing I hate worse then getting a file from someone who did NOT use a MIDI click locked up to their file. It\'s next to impossible to sync beat clock and things when you don\'t have the file acting as the master metronome.

    I think the issue is just learning to work with the tempo change functions of whichever sequencer you use. I personally use Logic. I\'ll lay down a scratch track with no tempo changes - or only the big drastic spots - and I\'ll map the whole song. Then get all my retards sounding musical based on the scratch track, then I go back and replace that with a real performance that is more natural.


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