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Topic: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

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    Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    I just built a new system with the following specs...

    P4 2.8
    2gb (4x512) RAM
    Win 2k

    I\'m only able to load about 13% into memory in Giga. This is obviously unacceptable. I\'ve tried some of the tweaks that I\'ve read about, including setting the IoPageLockLimit to 65536 and setting various values in the PagedPoolSize and PagedPoolQuota. The IoPageLockLimit had absolutely no effect. The PagedPool settings actually cut the memory in half, down to 7%. I\'ve tried a few different values, but I don\'t understand it enough to know what to set it to. If someone out there does understand and has fixed this problem, please let me know what values I should be setting and indicate whether it is decimal or hex.

    My old system was a P3/933 1.5gb RAM and Win 2k and I could only load up to 46%, but that was at least usable.

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    This is a long shot, but did you load giga first (e.g; with 512) and then add extra ram?

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga


    In my experience and the experience of some people at VSL, tweaking page sizes in the registry has no effect on GS memory allocation with W2K. I have since switched to XP. You should probably put the page values back to their default.

    Have you optimized your system with http://www.nemesysmusic.com/pdf/optimizing-xp-and-2k.pdf ? Are you calulating memory % based on the memory allocated to the Msg32 process vs. total installed RAM? Did you get 13% allocation before you changed the registry? Are you certain W2K sees all of your RAM? Sorry I cannot give you more specific help.

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    When I loaded Giga all of my RAM was already installed. Yes, Windows sees all the RAM. The memory % I see is coming from the \"Memory\" display in Giga. It\'s been low since I\'ve tried it and never got any better once I tried the memory tweaks in the registry. Maybe I\'m just doing something wrong. I\'ve set the registry entries back to normal. I can understand that memory tweaks are more for XP, but I\'m not new to Win 2k. I\'ve been using Gigastudio for awhile on my old machine and I was getting around 46% with no tweaks as far as I know.

    Looking at Task Manager my Available Physical Memory is 1,814,250 but my Total Kernel Memory is only 79,824. Shouldn\'t that last number be higher?

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    Okay, I\'m back on my P3 with 1.5gb of memory and Win 2k. I\'m only able to load up to 20% in Giga v2.54. It\'s interesting to note that in v2.53 I can load one more little instrument but it still tops out at 20%. I tried using cacheman to adjust the IoPageLockLimit but it had no effect. The machine I\'m on now worked just fine for a long time with Win 2k. I could load up to 46% (not great but usable). I just recently reinstalled the Win 2k OS and now I can hardly load anything into Giga. What am I missing?

    Reading the link about Maxmem sounds like a way to limit memory (not sure why I\'d want to do that). Is anyone using this setting? How should it look in the boot.ini file for 1, 1.5 or 2 gb of memory?

    MSG32 is at 165,180k. I guess it should be higher but what can I do about it.

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    I reinstalled the OS on my P3 and am now seeing better results.


    With only 1gb of RAM (2x512) I can load up to what Giga calls 58% and msg32 reads 239,336k.
    With 1.5gb RAM (3x512) I can load 43% with msg32 at 357,048k.

    I\'ll try the Cacheman tweak again to see if there is an improvement.

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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    Why? If you can load in 99% of memory when you limit it to 1 gig, then it\'s obviously too much RAM issue, but at least you\'d load in a heck of a lot more samples. My msg32 at 99% is 407megs for the process and I have 768 megs of physical ram in my box. Just try it and at least see if you can get more into memory. Least it be a workaround for now until you fix the problem.


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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    Kernal memory AFAIK is for the OS, and what its using, so no, higher is just taking away from your RAM. I usually use Cacheman to look at memory. Pagefiles I have turned off completely on XP as well. I did notice though with some services tweaking that for some reason, I could NOT load in certain instruments. I nuked the machine, tried loading the same instrument (Dan Dead Flute in this instance) and it would load fine. Go back to tweaking too many services, same problem. Reload the OS, problem gone. Never had the patience to narrow it down to what did it. I can load up to 99% otherwise though, but that box only has 768 megs of RAM.

    What\'s the memory usage for msg32 in Task Manager? Can you load in small files, like 3-4 meg banks at all?


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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    Ah, I see you\'re using Win2k. What happens if you set your maxmem to 1 gig?


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    Re: Need Help with memory usage in Giga

    The 1.5gb RAM seems to be better.

    Now the registry tweaks seem to be working too.

    With IoPageLockLimit set to 0x40000000 I can load up to 53% in giga which is 400,100k for msg32.

    I tried it at 0x53800000 and I was still able to load 53% but msg32 only read 399,400k.

    I\'ve never seen 99%, but I\'d like to, so I\'ll keep tweaking.

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