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Topic: Acoustic Guitar? Check out Realitone Acoustic Lite for only $20.

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    Acoustic Guitar? Check out Realitone Acoustic Lite for only $20.

    You'd be amazed at how much work is involved in the final stages of releasing a library. There's writing the manual, uploading the files (and then doing it again . . . and then again as you find little mistakes), there's updating the website, making a video and audio demos (you'd be surprised how long these videos take to make), setting up the new product in the shopping cart . . . dang, this is almost like a real job!

    Anyway, Acoustic Lite (thanks to Drumman for the name!) was originally intended to just be a simple re-port of the acoustic in our Sampleholics "Guitars for Stylus RMX" library. But we went a little crazy in adding extra stuff, samples include normal picking, as well as palm mutes, chords, and various effects.

    But then we also worked under the hood to get a pretty convincing 12-string. You know, so you can do those 80's hair band ballads you've always been wanting to do. Plus we made a "Spanish guitar" that's perhaps less convincing that it's really a classical guitar, but it's really useful nonetheless. (Check out "Pixidorius" on our Soundcloud page to see what I mean.)

    We even made an effects page with knobs and brushed metal looking plates and everything. You know, because I have to have bright colors somewhere.

    Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out pricing. It's definitely a light sample set (you won't be deleting your Orange Tree or libraries,) so I need to price accordingly. In fact, one thing I learned from RealiBanjo is that I actually made more in the increase of Realivox sales than I did from the banjo. (Come for the banjo, stay for the vocals!) Don't get me wrong, we sold a lot of banjos. But at $29, you're just never gonna get rich.

    So I'm going a step further with this acoustic guitar. I figure at $20, it's a no-brainer. Even if you don't then buy Realivox, I've got you on my mailing list, which to be honest, was my main goal with this instrument. So maybe you'll buy the mandolin when it comes out in a month or two. (Which is soundiong pretty darn good, by the way.) Or maybe some other library we release.

    Anyway, here's the link:

    And check out this video:

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    Re: Acoustic Guitar? Check out Realitone Acoustic Lite for only $20.

    People have asked if we'll offer a discount on Guitars for Stylus RMX if you buy Acoustic Lite. You know, since most of the samples in Acoustic Lite originally come from the Sampleholics collection. (Although without the better programming capabilities, or velocity, or Pizzicato, or 12 string, etc. capabilities we included in the Kontakt version.)

    We've decided yes. Type in "guitar" for the coupon code when you buy Guitars for Stylus RMX and you'll get it for $19 instead of $39. (Buy Acoustic Lite first, of course. Or second. It's kind of an honor system thing.)

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