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Topic: Vintaudio Honky-tonk????

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    Vintaudio Honky-tonk????

    Its been a couple months since this was brought up before, but im just wondering how things are going on your forth coming Honky Tonk piano? Any expectations on a release date??


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    Re: Vintaudio Honky-tonk????

    Do we really need another honkey tonk piano?


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    Re: Vintaudio Honky-tonk????

    Would you mind sharing where a decent honky-tonk piano sample is??? Im talking...a honky-tonk piano that is given the same treatment as a classical piano sample...a sample that is recorded and edited as skillfully as say the Bardstown Imperial...or the Malmsjo Grand...I have yet to hear a honky-tonk sample that captures the warmth that these instruments are capable of...


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