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Topic: Aria tunning

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    Question Aria tunning

    Hi everybody,

    I have just installed GPO 4. I'd like to use a tunning of A=432Hz but it is not in the presets. Does anybody know how to do that?

    Thank a lot


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    Re: Aria tunning

    Hello, Francis -

    Now that I've looked at the tuning presets in ARIA, I can see you're right - The one you want isn't there. The closest is "French Law"- 435.

    Wikipedia has helped me out, telling me that what you're wanting is Pythagorean tuning. Interesting.

    All the Garritan Libraries are SFZ instruments. There are folders of samples, and then SFZ text files controlling the playback of the instruments. Just now I had a look, and I couldn't find any opcode lines relating to tuning. In the ARIA folder, separate from the instruments, I see the folder with all the available scales, but not the tunings. The Pythagorean scale is available through ARIA's Scala File control, but not the tuning.

    SO - if it's possible to add to the programming to include another tuning, I don't know how that would be done. Sorry.


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    Re: Aria tunning

    Hello Randy,

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, scales are very good, I use Pythagorean tuning for medieval music, and quarter_comma_meantone for renaissance music, so it sounds similar to the scales used in the period. That's why I decided to buy Garritan Personal Orchestra with Aria Player. But I was susprised when I saw that it wasn't possible to tune the pitch as in a hardware tuner, hertz by hertz. 435 is the closest to 432 that i wsih to use.

    I think that is a necessary implementation for the next update.

    Thank you again


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    Re: Aria tunning

    Quote Originally Posted by francisgarciaruiz View Post
    ...I think that is a necessary implementation for the next update...
    One way to get this idea to the attention of the developers is to post a thread about it in General Discussion. Use the Forum Jump at the lower right corner to get there - It's where most Forum members go, and ARIA/Garritan programmers drop by once in awhile to see if there are topics they could address. This Forum where you've posted doesn't get much traffic anymore.

    I agree - That tuning should be in there!


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    Re: Aria tunning

    Thank you very much Randy. I will do it now.


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