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Topic: "For You" (New song, please, please review)

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    "For You" (New song, please, please review)

    (*I also have \"Widow of War\" here, so make sure you click on the one that says \"For You\")

    This is a song I wrote about a year ago with Darryl Kinley. I wrote the music for a poem he was working on for his son, then I wrote the second half of the lyrics for my father. Assuming the age of people on this forum, most of you will relate to the father\'s perspective, while I, relate to the son\'s perspective.

    I never played this track for my dad, unsure of how he would react. I won\'t bore you with long family history, I\'ll let the song speak for itself. But for the fathers here (and averyone else of course) I\'d like your reactions, thoughts and feelings on the track... I\'ve been thinking alot about playing it for him.

    As far as the instrumentation goes: The drum kit is sampled, I custome built it from three free kits I d/l\'ed from (I believe) Worra\'s about a year ago. The bass is my first attempt at playing one (sorry...) and the guitars were performed by myself and Frederic Fouche (who also performed the vocal track for me, as my singing is no where near the level of his).

    Thanks in advance for the listen,

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    Re: "For You" (New song, please, please review)

    Hi Alan,

    I like the rawness of the song. Good production value on the recording. I would probably add a touch of verb on the distorted guitar (sounds a little to much in the listener\'s lap). I think I know the effect you want but maybe add just a tad of verb to back it off the listener a little.

    I am not sure what the brush set needs but maybe it is just variety (especially on 2 and 4).

    Keep writing vocal tunes you have a talent for it. BTW, I like the \'graphic\' - your photography?

    Hope these comments help. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.


    Hey, good job on \'Widow of war\'!

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    Re: "For You" (New song, please, please review)

    Very cool - I love the chorus, but you take too long to get there. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] (typical industry criticism, too long to the chorus). The immediacy of the emotion is there, and I like the guitar right where it is. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Thanks for breaking the monotony here. Keep \'em coming, but next time add some strings and horns. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: "For You" (New song, please, please review)

    Thanks guys for the responses, I really appretiate it...

    Pretty quiet here?

    I don\'t know if that\'s good or not?!?


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