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Topic: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

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    Zimmer using same queues for different movies?


    I rented \"thin red line\" last night, and noticed that famous zimmer queue, which is a descending three-note motif (Eb-D-C) repeated with different starting notes throughout the minor scale. If you don\'t know the one, just say--I\'ll elaborate. It\'s slow and modal sounding. Fairly sad.

    Didn\'t he use that queue as the main sad queue throughout \"Pearl Harbour\"???

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    Re: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

    I remember reading somewhere something along the lines of Bruckenheimer (producer) and Michael Bay (director) of Pearl Harbour using a TRL cue for the trailer. They liked it so much they wanted the music for the movie to sound the same; it was temptracked almost exclusively with Thin Red Line cues and from what I understand, Zimmer was given almost no leeway in deviating from those cues.
    The two albums sound very, very similar and where Pearl Harbour scored by a different composer he probably would have been sued for plagiarism
    Another score which was \'referenced\' was Gladiator, hence the \'Attack\' cue on PH which sounds very similar to \'The Might of Rome\'.

    Thin Red Line is still a definitive classic from Zimmer, for me at least.



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    Re: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

    If memory serves me, that same TRL cue gets a nod in Blackhawk Down as well. It\'s toward the end of the film, and arranged differently, but it\'s pretty obvious what the temp track was.

    Not surprising, considering what an awesome piece \"Journey to the Line\" ( I think?) is. It\'s a great study in the \"slow and steady buildup\". Pretty awesome that he can maintain that over the 9 minutes or so of that cue.

    If you read Film Score Monthly, they make good sport out of pointing out how much James Horner repeats himself from score to score.


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    Re: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

    Zimmer uses the same Eb-D-C motif to start his theme in the Rock. He also uses it (though mostly inverted) in Gladiator. He reuses a lot of his own material, but as someone else mentioned, he isn\'t even close to being as bad as James Horner. Danny Elfman also repeats himself quite often--listen to Batman vs Darkman vs the Flash etc.

    There is a lot of repetition in film music. These guys have very little time to write a lot of music, and it is easier to reuse the same ideas over and over rather than come up with new ones.

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    Re: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

    I think Joris hit the nail on the head - how does a composer create something fresh when the director of his latest job has temp\'d the soundtrack with music that the same composer has already written for a previous movie?

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    Re: Zimmer using same queues for different movies?

    I agree, just being rushed to make music makes you rely on used material.

    When I applied to do the music for Reprisal, I only had one day to make a demo (I found out about the vacancy real late). It was the first time I was \"rushed\" to make some music, and I found myself reaching for devices I had used in other work.

    Funny how the first thing that goes out the window is creativity.

    PS: Andrew Lewis got the job for the Reprisal Soundtrack. Anybody know who he is?

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