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Topic: Tascam Forum?

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    Tascam Forum?

    Where did it go? I cannot find the link?


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    Re: Tascam Forum?

    It\'s been belly-up for some months now. It\'s not only sad for Giga users, but for any owner of Tascam gear.

    Personally, I can\'t imagine why they dumped it. If one equipment owner can help fix another owner\'s problem, that keeps people happy and saves a service call. Maybe the employees were spending too much time there? Okay, make some company policies. Too much bad mouthing on the forum? Hey, get over it. That happens on most every forum.

    Thank goodness for NS!

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    Re: Tascam Forum?

    wow [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I just went over to DIGIDESIGN\'s forum to find out if the MBox will allow control via the US-428.

    Not very cool that I cannnot just ask Tascam!

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