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Topic: Surround Mix Question

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    Surround Mix Question

    I have to deliver a 5.1 mix for a trailer. I like the way it sounds using all the channels except the center. Can I exclude the center? To me, it seems like that would just leave room for the voiceover.

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    Re: Surround Mix Question

    i would say yes ..... but, i sometimes use the center channel for spacial effects.

    i see no reason why you could not leave it out.


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    Re: Surround Mix Question

    I would say yes too.. When listening to a surround mix the music is almost never in the center.. center is for dialog and foley mainly. If they want to have music in the center speaker they can always use a little from the L/R front channels. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Surround Mix Question

    if your not mixing the voice over then HELL YES!

    in most cases for trailers the music goes to the background, if its surround its even moreso, SFX and Voice overs always take over. Most people here would disagree, I mean I\'m the guy tha points out your stuff during triailers, but thats the point....I have to point it out because people are paying attention to the visuals,...then the VO (which tehy can laugh at when the nrranter says \"BULLET PROOF MOCK!!!\", which \"I actually want to see), and FX help it, andsubtly music he;lps it, but it wouldn\'t matter if its was %.1 to anyone but an audio geek or movie geek.

    ... it\'ll matter to me if that means anything [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    <-===movie geek
    <----audio geek

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    Re: Surround Mix Question

    There are a lot of opinions regarding this subject.

    When i was in the 112AES/Munich i have heard some wonderful 5.1 examples in the Sony/SACD room made by a Simon something (the man that mixed \"Tubular Bells\"), which used the central only for speech.

    In musical terms, the major change from stereo to 5.1 (besides the .1 bass channel) is the surround, that gives you a more intense space filling (reverb/early reflections/etc).

    The center only gives you more precision. Of course there are some sounds that need more spreading than others. A speech voice or FX effects normally are spot sounds (the listener should say \"the sound is right here\"), but usually music sounds are more spread (you don\'t want the user saying \"the violins are right there\").

    Nevertheless you can use the center channel from the musical point of view, not to reduce the space/spreading, but to make it better.

    Other advantage of center, is to compensate errors in the speaker setup. If same one have a speaker angle (left-listener-right) bigger than 60º, the image begin to split in 2 (you begin to have 2 sound sources instead of one).

    I think that non-center productions are more easily and with less risk. Center productions are more difficult and have a bigger risk, but when well done, have even better results.

    To end, just an example of the importance of spacialization. It\'s very different to hear a string section in concert, and hear it on CD, from that chicken pops (i think this is the right english expression) point of view.
    The strings instruments (violins, violas, cellos, dbass) radiate different sounds in different directions. In the concert, you receive several sounds from different locations (including vertical), that make that effect (impossible to reproduce in 2 or 5 speakers).

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