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Topic: Forever, My Only Love...

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    Forever, My Only Love...

    Here is my next composition for my upcoming album. It is called, "Forever, My Only Love..." It is a love composition!

    I did some different techniques this time. I took Grahams advice in regards to tempo so that things are not exactly fix timed. I spread several different tempo ranges across the entire song ranging from about 52 to 70ish.

    Also, I went easier on the reverb (already adjusted it to the wav file of The World You and I Hoped For). Sometimes, I just get wrapped up in long dreamy reverbs... However, it's not what I want for this project. Also, I switched to a convolution reverb to help bring more natural space (I am pretty sure I found the right one this time). The instruments seem clear and not so muddy.

    Libraries Used:

    - Vienna Special Edition Strings
    - Sampletekk Black Grand Piano



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    Re: Forever, My Only Love...

    Sounding good, Richard! Very nice.

    There was just a few places where some notes in the cello sounded unnaturally loud and jarring, for instance the Bbs at 0:43 and 0:47, and the Db at 0:58.

    Otherwise, I thought it is just perfect.

    Thanks for continuing to share this deeply personal project with us.

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    My website: www.tunespace.net

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    Re: Forever, My Only Love...

    Thanks for the feedback and respect for the project Owen. I know what you mean since you mentioned it. My ears completely missed it after running through it several times. The solo violin is not sliding smoothly during legato detection, instead it makes a sharp attack. I notice that happens sometimes in the vienna strings. I'll have to smooth it out with more cc11 and possibly a Portamento slide.



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    Re: Forever, My Only Love...

    Very lovely, Richard - The tone of melancholy that's coming through your work is so pronounced. I remember awhile back you assured me to not be worried, but I still continue to hope you're doing OK. As someone who has had Depression as a major thing to contend with for so many years, I can't help but point out to people, as I have to myself, that part of the problem with Depression is that the sufferer can be very stuck in one place with it. Having a melancholic, nostalgic, sad outlook can become a permanent filter we experience everything with, and that isn't healthy.

    It is a sweet, gentle, sad piece, well done.

    Two things so far on your thread I want to respond to:

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...I took Grahams advice in regards to tempo so that things are not exactly fix timed. I spread several different tempo ranges across the entire song ranging from about 52 to 70ish...
    Yes, I saw that exchange about tempi on one of your earlier threads, and I meant to chime in. You said in response to Graham that you know Sonar has a utility to "insert a series of tempo changes."-- There's a much better way to work with tempi. That plugin is far too limiting.

    Open the Tempo View. Click the icon to have the list of changes listed on the right. There you have the entire timeline of the project spread out, with a graph to display your tempi. Either with the Grid on or off (Off gives you more freedom), you can use the free hand and line tools to draw your changes, and they can be very complex. Here's a screenshot of a tempo map that made for a very natural sounding ebb and flow ot tempo in a piece:

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...The solo violin is not sliding smoothly during legato detection, instead it makes a sharp attack...
    Don't forget that Velocity determines how sharp or soft the attack of a note will be. Those notes Owen pointed out will be tamed with lower velocity levels. That's what you need to work with, not so much CC11 and Portamento.


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    Re: Forever, My Only Love...

    Thanks for listening to the composition. Also, thanks for the concern as well, I admit I do tend to think deep and I do particularly like this kind music style. It just brings back memories to me. I guess I like placing myself in the past at times. However, I still feel that happiness of just remembering. The way I compose helps me do that. Overall, I feel good though. Every composition I create for the memory of her makes me happy. Kind of unusual but I really do just like endorsing myself in memories. Each composition I create for her is passage of a moment we shared together in the past. I guess what I am doing is kind of recreating the past through my compositions, but I do feel good and happy!

    That's what I used, in the screenshot you provided, sorry bad explanation on my part again. I used the series of tempos usually for transitions or endings of compositions. However, for this one I drew the tempos right on that grid. It is very very handy.

    I think a mistake I did for the instruments was assigning velocity to change from legato to portamento. When velocity is set to low portamento comes in, but when high it is legato. I'll have to change that to another controller, not to fond of the key switching... velocity is sooo convenient though .

    EDIT: I just ironed those spikes out (not uploaded yet) velocity sure helped... however as mentioned above I have it set that low velocity = portamento... I am going to have to change or else all soft transitions are always going to be portamento. So I have the option of new controller or key switch. I think I am leaning towards controller.

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