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Topic: BWV 699 - Nun komm der Heiden Heliand

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    BWV 699 - Nun komm der Heiden Heliand

    I'm getting closer to my preferred organ sound in Classic Pipe Organs. Flutes with Romantic String combinations. The special versatility of this library is quite challenging, but also allows me to search for (and sometimes find ) just the sound I want to hear. This is a quick live rendering of BWV 699.


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    Re: BWV 699 - Nun komm der Heiden Heliand

    This is excellent news, Briff, that you're getting closer to the sound you want in Garritan Pipe Organs. I'm thrilled with the sound you have in this recording, it's a wonderful combination of stops. - Great!


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    Re: BWV 699 - Nun komm der Heiden Heliand


    I've been to many pipe organ recitals in my lifetime all over the United States and in Europe. To me, the combination of stops that you have come up with for that particular timbre you are trying to achieve is just about perfect. Sounds like the "real deal" for that combination. Great job!


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    Re: BWV 699 - Nun komm der Heiden Heliand

    Thank you. It was a quite interesting process to come up with this combination of stops. I knew my 2 favorite stops (so far): Mod2 Gemshorn and Rom Strings. So I chose them and experimented with stops that I had some idea about how they sound So the result contains 6 stops, and it is really the magic of organ stops that while one stop gives only a subtle addition to the timbre, I would not remove any of these 6.

    • Mod2 Choir Gemshorn 8'
    • Rom Strings Comb
    • Mod1 Flutes 8' 4' 1'
    • Baroque Copula Maj 8'
    • Mod2 Great Principal 8'
    • Mod2 Great Octave 4'

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