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Topic: Apple Hans Zimmer article

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    Apple Hans Zimmer article

    Here is a quote from an article on apple.com with Hans Zimmer. I thought it was interesting :

    Developing Craftsmanship
    “There aren’t that many film composers around. But there are a lot of people who think they could be film composers. I think that what is lacking in film scoring these days is that craftsmanship that Elmer Bernstein and Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams have,” says Zimmer.

    “While they really learned to do music, we really learned how to stop our computers from crashing, and didn’t spend enough time doing music. All we can really hope for is that someone really brilliant turns up with brilliant ideas, and great craftsmanship and originality,” he adds.

    For more go to: http://www.apple.com/pro/music/zimmer/

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    Re: Apple Hans Zimmer article

    Thanks for the heads up Christopher! Very interesting.

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    Re: Apple Hans Zimmer article

    Amen to that!! As Bruce keeps harping on again again...Get a music education (with or without the school)first!

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