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Topic: C Hard Drive Blues

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    C Hard Drive Blues

    I just put this piece together to give my brother some moral backing when his C hard drive died and he had to reinstall all his music software on a new drive. He was crying the blues as any of us would facing that daunting task of rebuilding all our software on a new hard drive.

    Cry the blues with us on this:

    C Hard Drive Blues

    By the way it is in C.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: C Hard Drive Blues

    Loved it! You have a mixing gift!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: C Hard Drive Blues

    A BIAB production, like Bill's new post?
    You are correct Randy. Just something quick because I knew it wouldn't be long until my brother was back up and running. Just a little fun and that piano is the JaBB Steinway. The rest are RealTracks and can't be messed with too much other than some EQing and compression to balance the different instruments.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: C Hard Drive Blues

    Much appreciate the well timed sentiment. My HDD started throwing SMART warnings a couple of weeks back and formally threatened to destroy all my data if I didn't back it up immediately.

    Not all sad as it was my excuse to try experimenting with a solid state drive. It would have been an easy process of re-imaging the new drive had I not had the bright idea to start fresh with a clean install of windows; reinstalling everything.

    Two weeks later I have at least one of my more recent projects working again. You never quite realize what a massive chain of VST's build up over time until you have to get them cooperating again under a new install. I had one random plug-in that pushed up all my strings about a quarter step for no explainable reason. I had to slap it upside the algorithm to get it to quit messing around.

    Anyhow, thats some mean harmonica work! This has brought true enjoyment to my feeling sorry for myself


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