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Topic: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

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    Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    Hey all,

    I\'ve been using an SL-990 Pro for a couple weeks. I just got the PMI Bosendorfer 290 plug-in a couple of days ago, and on first playing, I thought it seemed WAY brighter than the demos. After the initial disappointment, I recorded a couple MIDI tracks and checked out the velocity.

    There was almost NOTHING below velocities of 40, and most were 80-90! Although my chops are not now what they were, I\'m a classically trained pianist and have a pretty light touch. The velocities of 40 were from nearly the lightest touch I could muster! I think having such a wide dynamic range in a piano library has brought this technical issue to my attention.

    Anybody else have this kind of experience? Doesn\'t the SL-990 have the same action as the 880, only without aftertouch? Perhaps I have a maladjusted unit?

    The Studiologic manual isn\'t real clear about adjusting the velocity curves. Which curve is least sensitive, i.e. requiring the most velocity to reach the upper dynamic range? I could get a more expressive setting from pulling down the velocity sensitivity in the Kompakt interface, but I think I\'m getting less velocity resolution that way, effectively.

    Sorry for the ramble. Any advice?

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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    I have same problem with SL-880.
    The best I can do is to load one of the more sensitive volcity curves.

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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    just found this while browsing through google. It\'s a bit more in-detail then the manual that came with my SL-880. It doesn\'t explain the global velocity setting, but on page 15 or 16, there\'s a few diagrams explaining the shape-curves:


    Just did some tests with my SL-880, the higher velocities are no problem (although above 115 really takes some strength), but it\'s hard to get anything below 30... it\'s possible, but I couldn\'t produce it in a controled manner (though noticed some notes with ZERO velocity, no clue what that means... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). Well... I never had any piano lessons, so maybe that\'s the price of never having played throught that Hanon book... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Anyway, keep in mind, that velocity is dependent on TWO settings: Global velocity and shape ...

    Maybe I should take a look at the inside and apply some oil or so, the keys are going quite a bit heavier than some pianos I played... so in conclusion, I think that my SL-880 works just fine. The pressure I apply feels like \"30-40\". I means if you have a really old piano where the keys don\'t go perfectly, it\'s also hard to play pianissimo...
    Hope that helps


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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    You can try VeloMaster (free demo or full version ca 40.-)


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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    Cool, Hans. I\'ll give it a try.

    One question: if VeloMaster (or the velocity curve adjustment in Kompakt, etc.) works by adjusting incoming velocities, doesn\'t that decrease the effective outgoing MIDI velocity resolution?


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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    I think it doesn´t decrease. The outgoing velocity will be from 1-127.
    With my SL-1100 it is nearly impossible for me to play p-or pp-passages below 30/35. But I can play single notes and \"Akkorde\" (in german- dont know the english word)with 2 or 8 for example. Velo master adjusts the velocity to your individual playing..you have to try a bit.

    (I prefer my old Yamaha SY99 as controler..it has only 77 keys and is not weighted..but hmm..it works for me. I\'m looking for a better masterkeyboard with 88 keys. Thats realy difficult)

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    I find in general that when I feel the default velocity curve from my SL-880 is too \"hot,\" going to the #2 curve usually is better. I do this with almost all of the piano libraries, because they tend to be mapped a little hot in general, where you can get a really ringing fortissimo without necessarily playing with the force that would be required on a \"real\" piano. Going to the #2 curve makes it more work to get the ring, and it makes it a bit easier to play with control in the p-mf range. At least to me...

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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    I\'m guessing the curves and the action are the same on the SL-990. I\'m also having better luck on the #2 curve, but am able to hit 127 way too easily. I can play with greater control in the 15-40 range now, however. I guess my hands have gotten stiff and heavy of late, and I hadn\'t discovered it until I got a decent piano library.


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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    Thanks to Bruce and Hans for the suggestions. The curve #2 does even out the mid-velocity response for my hands.

    The VeloMaster is very cool! I\'ll be registering the full version of it soon.

    The problem of the \"too easy 127\" still exists, though, and I don\'t think any curve will help that. When the SL990 gets the velocity it thinks it needs to hit 127, that\'s the value it sends, and any external curve (short of a brickwall limit) is going to interpret that as 127. I think it\'s waaaayy to easy to hit 127 - I should have to BANG the keys to get there.

    In that sense, I\'m disappointed in my Studiologic SL990. Can anyone say for sure if the action is exactly the same in the SL880?


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    Re: Studiologic velocity sensitivity?

    I have problems with the SL-880 in low velocities as well. I am currently in the market for another 88 key controller. Does anyone know of anything better than the fatar series? Frankly, I haven\'t had much luck tracking down manufacturers that produce midi-exclusive controllers that have 88 keys.

    If worse comes to worse, I might just have to fork over the dough for a digital piano with onboard sounds. Has anyone had any sucess with cheaper digital pianos from yamaha, roland, korg, in the midi realm?

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