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Topic: New Demo

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    New Demo

    I had originally written this for piano and violin. Very recently, as I was preparing to bring in a violinist to lay down their track, my wife Kathy was walking by my project studio door and heard this tune and started ‘humming along’ – well, right then and there, it became a ‘vocal’ song and not an instrumental (which also pushed me to write the Vota chorus sections).

    I know that most of what is posted here is instrumental music, but I really would like some comments on this rough mix (not mastered). Recording vocals is difficult for me– particularly this voice (contralto). If you have any mix/EQ suggestions – I am all ears.

    It’s somewhat of a large file (7 MB) – I understand if those on dial-ups tell me to get lost. Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

    (note: I am in the process of setting a web space. I really appreciate Paul Houseman’s willingness to host this in the mean time.)

    O\' Jerusalem

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    Re: New Demo

    O\' Jerusalem

    Sorry if the previous links didn\'t work. Try these. (I\'m working from a computer that would make a \'Mac Classic\' seem like a screamer!!)


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    Re: New Demo

    Hi Rob,
    Wow. I must say this is very well done. Excellent composition! The entrance of the chorus was very powerful.
    I\'m glad you went with the vocal solo over violin. Keep up the good work. I\'ll be looking forward to more of your music.


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    Re: New Demo

    Wow. One word: beautiful.

    Hansi [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Demo

    Wow. That\'s astonishingly powerful & beautiful. There\'s a great deal of very, very high quality stuff posted here, but this is a rare gem. To my ears, very well-crafted, and packs an emotional impact.

    Very, very nice.


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    Re: New Demo

    Daedalus, Hansi, and Eric:

    I wanted to thank you for your very nice comments. Thanks for taking the time to listen.


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    Re: New Demo

    Very, very well done Rob! What a beautiful vocal, truly. Very moving performance. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed it!


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    Re: New Demo

    very very lovely!!! The song is so beautiful that it seems silly to make techie comments.

    But I\'ll be silly and say that:

    1)the lead vocal can use a low cut especially try to tame the two thumps from her breath at the first part of the song. \"to Hold you...\" and just before \'o Jerusalem\" on some word that begins with an \'f\' (can\'t make out the word)

    2)If there\'s anyway to get the strings and woodwinds (esp. oboe entrance) to not sound so synthy. Actually the most disappointing part of the piece was when the mass of samples came in (maybe the piano at the beginning is a sample too)...the voice and piano sounds organic then the strings, choir and mallet instruments made me less interested. I know we\'re working with samples but if there\'s anyway to tame the sampleness of the strings, mallets and oboe.

    3) just another two cents...I think it would sound better with a nylon string guitar (classical style) at the beginning rather than a piano...leave the piano for the part around 3:00 minutes into the piece.

    I absolutely love when the voice goes solo towards the end!!!!! This lady has a very rich voice, warm timbre...even love the nasal quality she gets.

    Lastly, after that gorgeous voice and the choir entrance with her, the strings again mess it up for me since they sound synthy.

    But synthy or not, the piece stands on it\'s own and if you ever have the dough to go completely acoustic, then you got a winner on your hands!!!
    Nice job and hope I didn\'t offend you with my comments [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Demo


    I think I will listen to this every morning for quite some time. It really focuses me (along with the coffee). Were does one find a vocalist like this!?

    Around 2:00, the English Horn(?), sounds a bit out-of-tune. If retuning doesn\'t help, you might want to replace it with a more convincing sample since it is the first time a solo instrument \"peeks its head out\" while she is singing. That is, except for the Flute at 1:15 but I think the level or at least the separation between it and the Vocal is not enough to give you that duet texture (with Vocal dominate) - if that\'s what you are after.

    At 3:56 the percussion keyboard instrument, that parallels the choir, doesn\'t seem to show a strong/clear pitch and sonically interferes with the off-beat tambourine which is really helping establish your climax. You might try adding come more cymbal swells here too since, I believe this is the END of the climax of the piece (possibly a cannon or two [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ).

    Sure can tell that\'s a SAM Horn. Where did you get your libretto? Love that choir! I assume its VOTA.

    Great job. Nice piece.

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    Re: New Demo

    Nice work. But I do hear some \"stutters/blows\" in the microphone on some of \"s\" and \"f\" sounds. Now having been in Jerusalem - I can promise you the place aint as beautyful as the title. I actually felt it rather depressing being there.

    Anyway - might be due to the fact I like calm surroundings.

    Love - Chris

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