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Topic: VSL Cube Demo (midiyoke) killed Giga

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    VSL Cube Demo (midiyoke) killed Giga

    Well, I did a search and it seems someone else had this problem too.

    Which you can read here..

    I installed the demo and then the midi yoke, and as a result, Giga would hang and not load.

    I had to use restore and everything was fine.

    The Legato tool launched and I loaded the demo patch, and it played, and than we ran Nuendo as well as Cubase SX to try them both) and it played, however, I don\'t believe it was working correctly as the samples sounded like they where NOT swithing even though we where getting activity in the Legato demo tool.

    This of course, after REMOVING midi-yoke.



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    Re: VSL Cube Demo (midiyoke) killed Giga

    Install the Maple virtual midi cable -
    you can download it at www.marblesound.com

    It\'s free and easy to install and use and I can\'t say enough good things about it. fwiw though.. I\'m far from an unbiased opinion [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I can give highest recommendations to MidiOX, which is a different piece of software from midiyoke. However, when it comes to midiyoke, I think you may find MapleVMC suits your particular needs much better for 2000/XP.

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    Re: VSL Cube Demo (midiyoke) killed Giga

    Wonderful - this did the trick.


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