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Topic: best sample looping tools?

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    best sample looping tools?

    I\'m looking for user recommendations on sample looping tools (Windows). I\'m currently using Sound Forge. Should I be trying something else? Thanks!

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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    I use a combination of Seamless looper (it can batch)

    and Wavelab (for xfade tools)

    I doubt I\'d ever need anythign else

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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    I\'d say Infinity from Antares, but it is unfortunately only available on the mac.

    Have heard many good things about seamless looper though...



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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    Thanks guys! I\'ll check them out.

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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    Just to report back - I downloaded Seamless Looper and it is awesome. Thanks a million! It can come up with quite a list of perfect loops in any given sample. It\'s an excellent tool! - Doug

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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    Until I was introduced to Seamless Looper on this board I was spending 4-6 hours painstakingly searching for loops by sight on each batch of 61 samples using an old version of Sample Vision which crashed the computer if I tried using \"auto find\". other loopers didn\'t do the job for me either.

    Downloaded the trial of SL put just one sample in and in 0.000x seconds several perfect loops were found and that was just on one setting.

    No it\'s not perfect and it can seize up your machine if you try to batch too many samples sometimes but there are that many possibilities in the settings that some form of acceptable loop is possible in most cases.

    However, searching for loops in plenum settings of many voices proves difficult and even on several second samples no good loop can be achieved. Having visually searched the same and not found anything better either, it has to be said that if SL cannot find a good loop, then you just ain\'t going to find one anywhere else.

    Add to that, it\'s dead cheap.

    Similarly for other tasks Cooledit is almost unbeatable for what it does and is equally good value for money.

    I still use both Fast Eddie and Soundforge but more for the convenience of just one or two tasks such as convenient sorting of batch DAT samples.

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    Re: best sample looping tools?

    I have to also 2nd King\'s recommendation of Wavelab - this program is way too useful to ignore. I just bought it a few months back and I find I\'m using it more and more now instead of Sound Forge.

    The crossfade looping is exceptional and the plugin system rocks. It\'s worth owning for the incredible built in metering system alone.

    My 2c. :-)


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