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Topic: jazz drum loops

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    jazz drum loops


    Are there any good collections of looped jazz drum performances available? I\'m looking primarily for swinging, authentic sounding grooves in a variety of tempos.



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    Re: jazz drum loops

    jazzistic is great. also try soundscans \"jazz and latin drum loops\".

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    Re: jazz drum loops

    I would love more jazz drum CDs - especially in a groove control or similar format.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">If you have Acid, you could try On The Jazz Tip from Sounds Good. It also has guitar / flute / keys loops etc. From what I remember I\'m sure there are some brushed drum loops on there, and of course you can alter the tempo to suit. Don\'t know about the quality though...

    Also, Primesounds.com has a selection of jazz drum kits & loops inc. the Wizoo Platinum 24 jazz brush kit.

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    Re: jazz drum loops

    >And while we\'re at it - how about a decent set of jazz drum multisamples
    >they should sound vastly different from the pop/rock sets), and a decent
    >brushed kit - PLEASE!

    There is also new jazz drum library called the HIP.gig with brush samples - docs and demo are at http://www.themusicdifference.com/order/giga/hipgig.html . Also includes a good compliment of latin perc as well.

    Need to re-do the demo as it doesn\'t feature much of the brushes...any comments on the demo?

    Peace, Kev

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    Re: jazz drum loops

    Thanks for the info, everyone. I ordered jazzistics...noticed it also got a key buy from Keyboard a couple of years ago.


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