Hey guys,

First of all, I just want to say thanks to everyone for the respect and feedback on my compositions dedicated to Tara. About 75% of the music I compose is for the memories of her. I wanted something out of my own heart and soul to carry the memories of her with me forever. Then came my first composition, "Save Tara." To this date I still keep making arrangements to it (currently sitting at 34 arrangements). This is how my music composing started. She was a wonderful loving girl and I always will love her. I have remained single and by myself for all these years because she's the only one I'll ever love.

A lot of my compositions follow a melancholic kind of feel, but it really helps express on the experiences and memories. The type of music I compose for her is meant to be reflective and memorable. melancholic compositions do that for me.

How am I? I am doing fine! As much as things may look differently, I really am doing fine. I have learned to cope and I enjoy spending every last moment of my time just remembering the loving moments we shared together. I am far from depressed and am actually quite happy. Every new composition I create about her and/or us makes me feel the experiences all over again, and that is how I cope and find my happiness without her.

The reason why I wrote all this is to help explain why I compose the way I do for Tara, and to let everyone know I am a happy positive guy regardless of how my music presents itself.