Hello all,

Could someone of the professors answer this, please.

This is a measure from a composer's manuscript. If I'm not wrong
those 3 notes should be played by piano (Pno), violoncellos (Vc.),
contrabasses (Bs.) and bassoons (Bssns). The abbreviation 'Bssns'
suggests at least two bassoons if not three (two bassoons and
contra bassoon).

So, we have at least 5 instruments (piano, bassoon 1, bassoon 2,
violoncellos and basses) to play 3 tones. There is no divisi sign so
I guess all basses should play one tone and the same goes for Vc.

My questions are:

1. Which instrument should play which tone?
2. Is the order how instrument abbreviations are written of importance,
that is, first Pno., than Vc., Bs. and Bssns at the end? Does that order
suggests the answer to my first question?
3. Should piano play two tones one octave apart?

Thank you!