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Topic: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

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    A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    Hey everyone -

    I thought I\'d toss out a nifty tip I came across. Eventually, I\'d like to pick up qlso strings. But in the meantime, this sounds great as well.

    Simply double your string track (in my case garritan) with the Lush Ambient String Orchestra in Atmosphere, and adjust the room sound to taste. Voila - instant hall sound with your strings.

    Obviously, you are limited to the single type of articulation that the atmosphere track does, but for those nice, slow, lush string pieces, it works great!


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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    Thanks Eric,

    I heard Maarten\'s demo and it was good. If you have time post a 15-20 second doubling improv (using GOS). Don\'t spend alot of time on it. Right now I use my JV 1080 Rosin patch for accomplishing this (while it is good, it shows its age a tad). Thanks.


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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    The same works if you have Sampletank with SR Strings.

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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    I\'ve made the same comment about them before as well. I prefer the Hollywood Studio patch, it\'s a bit more subtle. For pure tone, I like the Atmosphere strings better than my Garritan (obviously not for the articulations) and find that they enhance each other well. For some TV stuff I\'ve been doing, I sometimes use the Atmosphere strings exclusively for the pad/sustain stuff. I never even knew they were in Atmosphere until months after I bought it - bonus!

    Jeff Demo with Garritan doubled with Atmos strings..

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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    Sounds good Jeff. Thanks for posting. nice delay on the pno.


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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    Heck, even if you\'ve got an analog synth lying around, you can lush up your string sounds a LOT with it. Juno-106 factory patch B81, for instance, is one of the oldest standbys there is. Great topic. I can\'t tell you guys the number of times I have shot myself in the foot trying to be all \"proper and authentic\" when what I really needed was just a nice, buzzy, phasy pad to warm everything up...which ironically ends up sounding very authentic. Live and learn (or un-learn, haha).

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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    Yep, I\'ve tried the same thing... except I double a string patch from my Kurzweil synth module and add it to a GigaStudio string track (like GOS or AO.) Somehow, it kinda \"thickens\" up the sound and gives it a unique ambience. Good tip [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ........... Gary

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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    In addition to making the pads warmer and filling in the sample \'holes\' - I have loved adding a \'real\' violin to play with my sections parts. Problem is that it is not always convenient to do so. Picking up Kirk\'s or VSL\'s solo strings may be an upcoming purchase. Has anyone used either one of these libraries in this fashion? Results?



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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You


    You totally said it. So many times I feel that I have to use the \'right\' orchestral patches and such, that a pad would be not authentic. And you\'re right, it doesn\'t matter, the only people who care are people on sampling message boards - it\'s surely not the audience or producers/directors. And as much as I\'d like to impress everyone else, I\'d rather impress the people who sign the paycheck!

    Now back to our regularly scheduled topic.....

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    Re: A Strings/Atmosphere Tip For You

    I know what you mean. I usually double unison section violin lines by placing 1st violins panned slightly left, and 2nd\'s panned slightly right.

    This means 22 or 44 violins playing, and the orchestra placement isn\'t at all correct, but who cares? It adds a nice wide, rich sound.

    BTW, I don\'t copy the midi track to the 2nd violins, I play the part again. This gives more life to the sections with the slightly random note-on\'s and note off\'s.

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