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Topic: Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece

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    Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece

    I think this is my first finished piece since I got my GigaStudio setup. It\'s 99% GigaStudio.. had to plug my XP-80 in to get the winds. Thanks for listening!


    Genre: high fantasy role-playing game

    Libraries used:
    SAM Horns
    SAM Timpani
    Roland SR-JV80 flute, oboe
    Xsample harp

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    Re: Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece


    I like the composition, it´s excellent for the stated genre. The beginning presents a nice and epic theme, which, from \"using samples\" point of view, could be a little more \"fatter\", but then again your the composer and it propably sounds just the way you intended. Overall, the whole piece doesn´t have \"too many ideas\" and it advances nicely. I liked it and am glad that I listened to it! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece


    I like the music - it sounds exactly like a hero starting off on an epic journey. Nice entry of the horns. I too have sam horns - are those the sustain samples?

    I love the sudden tbones entry around :45 seconds into the piece. Immediately afterwards, very nice harp + oboe though I thought the oboe could use a bit more expression and vibrato at the sustained high note.

    Overall, I think the piece shows talent on your part and lots of interesting ideas that will no doubt be explored as the journey continues?

    - K

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    Re: Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece


    Thanks! Actually those aren\'t trombones.. and the fact you should say that is a bit funny.. I just had a discussion with some people here how it\'s hard (for me anyway) to identify different brass instruments. But maybe it\'s not just me after all! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (no offense, by the way)

    As far as the horns, it\'s the MW Sustain samples. I use that about 90% of the time. In warmer, more sensitive pieces, I like working the horns into the piece so they kind of just \"appear\" or arise out of some other instrument.

    Also, the oboe was a Roland sample.. I don\'t have a lot of flexibility with expression there, unfortunately.

    Thanks, both of you, for listening and commenting!

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    Re: Critiques/comments wanted on my new piece


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