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Topic: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

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    A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    I Havent put up anything new in quite a while. Here is some of what I have been doing lately. Like I say, more composing than tech support these days.


    The game tunes are from a children\'s game I\'m working on with the Fat Man. The mockup from hell is just a phrase of a familiar work in progress to demonstrate some capabilities. (no phrases either on the string runs) These are not really properly mixed, just strait out of the Giga machines.


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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    I\'ll forward your message to Tascam. Some sort of technical glitch. Based on the reports (and actual money) I get, many people are getting through just fine. Thanks for trying. I\'ll get back to you.

    Take care

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    Hi Sharmy. If you havent had any luck ordering the tutorial (and are still interested) feel free to send me a private message so I can forward your contact info to Tascam. Also, it is a tutorial set of CD-ROMS with 6 hours of video instruction. (not a book as you mentioned in your message. Just wanted to make sure your not expecting a book.)
    Take care

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share


    Excellent work! That Harry Potter mockup is really good. I watched the film on cable last night, and was wondering to myself if it was possible for GOS to do those really quick violin up-and-down runs. It seems you\'ve answered that. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Did those runs take any kinds of alterations or programming, or is that pretty much possible out of the box?

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    GOS would have no trouble doing those runs at all but this is a different set of sounds. I\'ll share all the details about it and the sounds used as I get closer to finishing it up. I\'ll even post my progress on it as I go.
    Take care

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    Hey Sam,

    Hasen did also a very convincing job on the string runs, don\'t remember when it was posted (I think when the first HP score was released)... Just to let you know [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    Its at the GOS website. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share


    I haven\'t had chance yet to check out the demos but I will later when I go home (now in the office).

    Further to the point mentioned about the tutorial CD, I was interested in buying it until I discovered the only way they would send it to the UK was going to cost about $50! It\'s crazy!

    Send it in a standard mail padded envelope requiring signature at this end .... should cost no more than $5 which, as a percentage of the total cost, would make me more likely to order a copy.



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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    Mark UK, bestservice also sells it now, perhaps you drop them a mail if they can offer you a cheaper shipping... (within EU, don\'t know if this is a tax issue)


    EDIT: costs are 59,-- Euro (what Franz said in the bestservice forum)

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    Re: A couple tunes and a mockup to share

    Please note that the minimum shipping cost to Europe for delivery in a week is $10-$12 through the US Post Office. See www.usps.com and go to the International Rate Calculator to see your options.

    One of the chief issues of shipping outside the US is making sure for both company and customer that the order can be tracked. There are several \"cheap\" methods of shipping outside the US through USPS but none of them let you track the package.

    We\'ve tried shipping the \"cheap\" way, and in the end abandoned it so that every order can be tracked. The problem with cheaper methods is that shipping/delivery times can\'t be guaranteed, there are hold-ups at customs. Most times we shipped the cheaper way, at customer request, we were faced with constant questioning as to whether we shipped or not, why wasn\'t it there, etc.

    Shipping outside the US requires extra paperwork and specific documentation needs from FedEx to USPS. In a post 9-11 world, we have to take precautions. So yes, the shipping is outrageous at times. But to protect everyone, shipping so it can be tracked is what we need to do. And unfortunately, that\'s more expensive.

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