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Topic: Anyone want to help me shop?

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    Anyone want to help me shop?

    I have a little over $2000 to spend on music goodies. I really need some outstanding samples but I have some limitations:

    1) I have only one computer and right now no desire to get Giga until it will work seemlessly on one machine with cubase. Or I can afford another computer.

    2) I will be using Kontakt as my sample playback software inside Cubase SX 2.

    With those in mind I have been looking at EWQL Gold or VSL Opus. Obviously Gold runs in a Kontakt type engine but Opus is in Giga format...so the concern is how well will Opus perform in Kontakt? I think I prefer the VSL sound better, plus if I read the specs right Opus comes with more sample data, 30 GB vs Gold\'s 15 GB, and it has the legato tools, but it does lack the Up/Down bowing articulations which EWQL appears to have.

    Also, those libraries are only $1000. I really want to create the best well rounded orchestral sample set with my $$. What else would anyone recommend? I was considering the VSL Solo Instruments Horrizon Series, oh, and I am pretty certain I am going to buy Atmosphere. I also want to consider future upgrades to the larger libraries either EWQL or VSL becuase I know with both you can apply the cost of these lesser libraries to the upgrade.

    Basically, if you are into film composing and had $2000 to spend and no samples at all what would you buy?

    My mind is about to expload with all the options so any help would be really appreciated.



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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    Hi Edward,

    Good questions and hopefully you\'ll get some good opinions and responses. Can I ask what your system specs are?

    P.S. No up/down bowing in EWQL Gold?

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    Hi Edward,

    I would recommend EWQLSO Gold for you at this time and that\'s it (aside from any softsynths that you may want such as Atmosphere). I would hold onto the leftover money in order to buy what you may feel that you\'re missing. I don\'t own Gold (Silver is on the way) but, to me, it offers several advantages:

    - you can run it on one PC (although you still may need to bounce parts in order to free up either RAM or polyphony or both). It will be more seamless than running Giga on the same PC as a sequencer plus attempting to load up an entire orchestra.
    - you don\'t need to worry about conversion as it will work straight out of the box whereas Giga conversions may not sound the same in Kontakt, forcing you to tweak where you may simply want to make music.
    - all of the instruments have been recorded in the same acoustic space in the proper position potentially making it easier to mix.
    - you can eventually upgrade to full Platinum version for the difference in price.

    I\'m not making any judgements on Opus as I think that it sounds great too. However, I think that you\'ll get the greater advantage at this moment getting Gold. As you find new requirements in sounds, you can expand your sample library over time. If I was building up my orchestral sample library from scratch today, that is probably what I would do.

    I think that either way that you go, there\'ll always be something else that you need/want. I feel that, in your specific situation, that you\'ll get further initially with EWQLSO Gold.


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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    What\'s your problem with Giga and Cubase? They run perfect on one machine. Perfect, I\'m telling ya!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    Hi Alex,

    I don\'t have a problem with Giga and Cubase. However, IME, I have found that Giga works much better on its own machine rather than on a machine that it has to share resources with a DAW. Does that mean that this configuration does not work? No. It does work - I just don\'t feel that it works all that well.

    He also indicated that he had no desire to buy Giga. I don\'t believe that I stated that Kontakt was better than Giga. I simply stated that I felt the best option for Edward was going with EWQLSO Gold and his current configuration. I also provided points as to why I recommend this option for him.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    Edward , the size of the library is not important. I have my own experience with it - I bougth a huge brass library some time ago and later QLSO , than the first one (that is bigger than QLSO) got useless... Regarding to the Giga and Cubase I never had any problem with them , they work nice on the same computer... and , if you think that Opus 1 sounds better than Gold , you are almost decided , but a would recomend Gold because you don´t need to worry about reverb , pan , eq and mixing - these things help a lot - and the sound is wonderful. It would be interesting if you tell us witch computer you have. If you buy Gold , probably you will need some upgrade. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    WOW! Thanks everyone fo the great responses...

    As for my current setup I have an Athlon XP 2000 with 512 DDR2700 RAM, which I plan to double or triple, this is on a FIC motherboard, AU11 I think, which uses an NForce 2 chipset. I also have two HDD: one 20 GB system drive 2MB buffer and one 80 GB audio drive with 8 MB buffer, both are ofcourse 7200 RPM. Oh, and I have a Delta 1010 Lt.

    Like I mentioned I have Cubase SX 2.0 and was considering buying Kontakt and was definately going to buy Atmosphere. I am not against Giga, especially since it had a price drop, but I get kinda queesy in the stomach thinking about all the possible problems with getting it to work on one machine.

    I also own Absynth and Edirol Orchestral VST.

    I don\'t want to open a debate on which library is better than the other...I was just going off the demos on the repective vendor sites. Both VSL and EWQLSO sound great! The opus demo just had a couple of spots that were absolutly amazing...that\'s why I was leaning a little more toward that. Now, I did really enjoy the Platinum EWQLSO demos and would love to at some point own that library just the $$ issue right now.

    I just want what will work best and sound the best with what my current system can handle and what will also give me room to grow with.


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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    I\'m leaning very heavily toward Opus 1. And I believe there is up/down bowing.
    This is from the articulation list on the MLTC site...

    Violin Ensemble Staccatos (up and down bow)
    Viola Ensemble short détachés (up and down bow)
    Cello Ensemble long détachés (up and down bow)

    Bass Ensemble sustains (looped)
    espressivo (piano - forte - piano)
    tremolo (looped)
    trills half and whole tone
    pizzicato tight, loose, snap (Bartók)
    col legno tight & loose
    sordino staccato
    sordino sustained
    sordino tremolo
    legato performance instruments (normal legato & portamento)

    Harp normal, harmonics (flageolet)

    And it looks like Opus 1 is shipping.
    I like the sound of Gold but I don\'t like being locked into their sample player.

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

    Edward , your computer is almost the same as my first one , witch was being used to run QLSO Platinum. If you decide for Gold , for sure you will need more RAM at least (even with the DFD) and be prepared to bounce a lot , but I would recomend keep this machine and purchasing another computer. For QLSO , is better to have several \"normal\" computers than only one that is powerful. If you are undecided between Opus1 and Gold you are on the rigth way , you can not go wrong with any of them (like I was [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] ) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: Anyone want to help me shop?


    Do you think Opus will run ok in Kontakt and with my system?

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