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Topic: Bass guitar sampling session...

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    Bass guitar sampling session...

    I have a bass player coming by this week for sampling purposes. I\'ll be trying to achieve a good modern sounding hard pic\'d rock bass. I\'ve never sampled a bass player, but I\'m considering going with the following setup...

    3 mics will be used.

    mics 1,2 - positioned slightly left/right of the speaker. Each panned slightly left/right to achieve a slightly wider than mono sound.

    mic 3 - positioned dead center of the speaker. This ofcourse will be the central source for the samples.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Bass guitar sampling session...

    Ummmmm .... 3 mics ......... on a bass guitar cabinet ??

    You need to record it direct .... either into a DI box, or preferably into a nice (or decent) preamp.

    I almost never record bass via a cabinet only. Most of the time, i run a DI out from the amp and record the cab, it is also wise to delay the direct signal about 20 ms to line up the signals.

    ALSO ...... there is no need to record a bass in stereo ... it always ends up dead center in a mix.

    Perhaps you should do more consulting before you use your chance with the bass player.

    I HIGHLY suggest ...... maybe doing variations of the direct sound through a Bass Pod ... the \'modern sound\' CERTAINLY isnt a Fender through a SVT ;-) It is saturated rumble with a nice hint of upper mids for presence.


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    Re: Bass guitar sampling session...

    If you\'re just in need of good bass samples you would be far ahead to get Trilogy from Spectrasonics. It\'s hard to go wrong with this collection. I\'m continually blown away at the diversity of this library [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And for the $$$/time involved sampling, it\'s well worth the cash [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    But if for some reason you still want to sample a bass - I concurr with the above suggestions!

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    Re: Bass guitar sampling session...

    I like an RE20 about 3\" in from the edge of the cone and about 12\" from the grille. Dead center doesn\'t usually get as much of personality unless you angle it. I agree about getting the DI, too. Not sure what the stereo\'s going to do for you, but what the heck. Tracks are cheap, retakes are expensive. I\'d get every mic type, position and signal you\'d ever dream of using, and eliminate from there. You never know what\'s going to be the magic combo. I will let you in on a little secret Chuck Rainey taught me, though. Put a small diaphragm condenser right over the player\'s hand, and get some of that pick/metal noise out of the air. Works better if you isolate the player from the amp and put him in cans.

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    Re: Bass guitar sampling session...

    Also, use 24-bits and leave lots of headroom. It won\'t be a big deal if he\'s just plucking some notes, but if he\'s doing any slaps and thumb pops, expect some big transients.

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    Re: Bass guitar sampling session...

    Thanks for the comments. Yah, it looks like the multiple mics things was kind of stupid thinking. The bass player is coming over wed of next week. He also recommended a direct input recording method. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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