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Topic: Pictures from the movie premiere - "Kuamiko"

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    Pictures from the movie premiere - "Kuamiko"

    Thanks to all who have shown an interest in my movie scoring gig. Here are some pictures from the premiere tonight. It was a really fun evening. (Sorry I don't have a very good camera!)

    The venue (Clifton Center, Louisville, KY):

    Lighting and sound:

    A "screenshot" of the movie in progress

    Some of the voice talent being introduced. Sean Connery is just off camera.

    A couple of scenes from the hilarious post-movie show:

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    Re: Pictures from the movie premiere - "Kuamiko"

    !!!! WOW, Owen - I didn't realize the film you worked on was going to have a premiere like that, in a theatre, big audience and the whole shebang! I thought it was going to be only online.

    This is super - Exciting to see the pictures. Hearty congratulations, my friend!


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    Re: Pictures from the movie premiere - "Kuamiko"

    That's excellent. Looks like it was a great night. I trust the film went down well?
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    Re: Pictures from the movie premiere - "Kuamiko"

    Thanks, Randy and Graham. It was a lot of fun. I guess there were around 300 in the audience - all friends and family of the director or cast members. The movie went down really well, and I got a lot of compliments on the music. Several said that they went away humming some of the songs, so that's always a good sign!
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