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Topic: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

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    Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Ok, the grand piano I\'m working on is in the next beta-phase, and I need your input!
    As I said before, the goal with this piano is to have an instrument that has very distinct notes, it should work well in a mix. It\'s not much ambient, it\'s very much \"in your face\".
    When working with the same samples day and night for too long, you get a bit deaf, so that\'s why I need new, fresh opinions! Sooo..... pro\'s and con\'s.... let\'s hear them!!!

    Demo 1, you know this one! It\'s from the digital piano shootout. No reverb added.

    Demo 2, Ok, a bit of Mozart... not really what it was intended for, but I think it works for this too! I\'ve added a bit of reverb since I think the style needed it.

    Demo 3, Pianobar\'s open! A bit of boogie, a small room added.

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    What? No opinions...???? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Oh well, here\'s another demo:

    Demo 4, Jingle jangle piano, thanks to Sven Bornemark

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Bottom line: Wow - I think it sounds amazing and another great piano gig to expand consumer choice!

    This piano has the bite of the Steinway\'s that are out there. A/Bing it against the others, I really, really like the presence, clarity and balance of sound across the note ranges.

    With the caveat of not trying this Gig it sounds like this piano may not need a lot of tweaking to sit nicely in a mix.

    So, when will it be available?


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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Sgarsson, Yes, it does have a bite, doesn\'t it! It\'s not a Steinway though, it\'s a Malmsjo, a 9 feet, (I think, in the metric system it\'s 275 cm) from the mid 20\'s. I also think that this is very close to release.

    Sharmy, I\'ll check your demo out [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    The Boogie Woogie was played by a guy with stromg hands, so there\'s a lot of banging on that one.

    Passacaglia, The upright, the Rain Piano, are in it\'s very final beta right now, We plan to release it next week! Price $95. You will be able to get it from our online store, and since we have shipping points in both US and Europe, you should probably have it in your hands late next week/early the week after.

    Franky, trying to steal our customers.... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Seriously, the upright I\'ve made are quite different because the way it\'s set up. Your pianos are more \"normal\". Both products are nice priced, why not get them both and then you\'ll have all the uprights you ever need!

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Forgot to tell you, this piano, the \"Bigga Contemporary Grand\" are planned to be released at the same time. It will also cost $95, but you will be able to buy them both, in a bundle, for $175.

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!


    Nice bite to the piano. Makes me want to bang out some percussive jazz rock licks. I can see this piano being very useful for the right project.


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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Its awesome. Exactly what I am looking for.
    I will buy it immediately.

    How many velocity layers is it??

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Straight up Worra ..... when will the uprights be available and how much will they cost .... i\'m ready to buy .... sell me the beta .. i don\'t care .. lol ..... been waiting for upright samples for ages!!!! and i\'m sure you will produce a playable, affordable product.

    just tell me where to send my credit card number :-)


    and if it is going to be a while, can someone suggest another upright sample library

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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    yeah, i was refering to the upright demos he posted a few weeks ago .. very very anxious to get those!!!!

    this one sounds good also


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    Re: Pop/Rock/Contemporary Piano - Opinions!!!!

    Grand Piano sounds great Worra, much better than some other pop rock grands i\'ve heard out there [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Hi Passaglia, since you asked for any Upright Piano libraries available, we at Vintaudio have a
    Brand new Upright Piano Library available right now featuring a Steinway Boston Upright and a 1908 Clinton upright, check it out and listen to the demoes here : www.vintaudio.com

    Vintaudio Prod.

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