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Topic: Tears From Heaven

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    Tears From Heaven

    Well, I have been very busy at work composing for my new album. I just finished this today and it is the fifth composition to my new album. The album is just going to be called Angel Tara - The Girl With Wings rather than (Strings, Choir, and Piano) attached as a subtitle. I felt I needed to bring some winds in!

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Special Edition Strings (Solo Violin, Viola Section, Cello Section)
    - Vienna Special Edition Woodwinds (English Horn)
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Harp)
    - Sampletekk (Black Grand Piano)



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    Re: Tears From Heaven


    And yet another incredible heart-felt composition. You certainly are prolific when you get going! How much time do you get per day to work on compositions? This will be a very beautiful album when you're finished with it.

    What a wonderful use of the English horn. It fit into the tonal landscape perfectly. One small point though, when it comes back in at around 1:26 the strings cut off very abruptly; try fading the strings out while fading the English horn back in.....it broke the trance that I was in for a moment.

    Quite lovely. Do you have a date for completion?


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    Re: Tears From Heaven

    Thanks Cass for the kind feedback! I put my headphones on and noticed the cut off. My m-audio speakers are dying... the entire left speaker is much quieter than the right which is also losing power, I must have missed it by mistake and thought it faded much smoother during composing due to the speakers. I have been relying on the meters and orchestra panning sheets for balancing instruments volumes. Thanks for pointing it out. I think I'll have to make a new investment in monitor speakers. As for a release date, I am probably going to assume within a couple of months. After everything is composed I am going to go back and do another thorough check on each composition.

    Thanks for the listen and feedback



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