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Topic: Hummingbirds -- A Guitar Duet

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    Hummingbirds -- A Guitar Duet

    I wrote this piece at the prompting of my son's guitar instructor. He is in his third year of instruction and doing pretty well. The two guitars are the Garritan Acoustic Guitar and the Independence Guitar (called out by Randy some time back as a free tool).

    I plan to have a live recording for this once they learn the piece, but in the mean time here are some links.

    Hummingbirds MP3
    Hummingbirds Score


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    Re: Hummingbirds -- A Guitar Duet

    It's a pleasant surprise when someone posts music two days in a row here - a double whammy well in keeping with the "new," looser Listening Room guidelines we all (mostly) agreed on last year. I should probably take my own advice more to heart, and quit waiting for a month, two months between posts!

    I remember you talking about your son, the budding guitarist, before. He's sure fortunate to have a talented father who can compose such worthwhile stuff for him to work on - This is lovely - I think it would be great if you could capture a recording of it live once the piece is mastered.

    By the way, the superior sound of the Independence acoustic guitar really helps disguise the shortcomings of the unfortunately less successuful JABB guitar. Really smart thing, combining the two instruments in this recording.

    Thanks, Jim.


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