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Topic: How should I EQ to get more bass?

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    How should I EQ to get more bass?

    Someone visited my site and said that the samples there were a bit lacking in bass. I\'ve decided to EQ now to bring that up a bit.

    Should I use Sound Forge, or NFX4? I tried using Sound Forge\'s paragraphic EQ and boosted up frequencies below 250Hz by 4dB (i\'m pretty sure those were the values). Now in my reference headphones, it\'s just bassy enough.. and when I play my piece through my speakers + subwoofer, it\'s pretty thick-sounding on the bass end of things.

    Does this sound OK as far as bass?


    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: How should I EQ to get more bass?

    I would suggest working on the individual parts in the bass instead of using EQ. For eg, in the lower register, I hear a timpani and contrabass. Now, I\'m clear about the timpani line, but the bass seems muddy, almost invisible at times. I would work on both those parts, especially the bass.

    There\'s no reason to add bass EQ to the _whole_ mix, as you may just add bass frequencies to mid and high-frequency instruments that don\'t need that kind of boost. One of the best mixing tricks I learned this year (from BT, the electronic music composer/producer) is to make room for the bass parts. Take out (EQ) bass from the parts that are not playing in that register and often, the bass parts will come out more. Individual, the other instruments may not sound \'right\', but in a mix, they will fit right in.

    One last note, remember that comments like, \"not enough bass\", are subjective. Some people like to hear too much bass, like me, and are not satisfied with what many would find normal.

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    Re: How should I EQ to get more bass?

    Actually, there is no contrabass in the piece.. that\'s the cello section. That\'s probably why you hear it disappearing.. it\'s dipping into the middle register from time to time.

    Also, with the paragraphic EQ, I can choose which frequencies to boost.. so if I boost bass, it\'s not touching the higher register instruments like violins.

    I will experiment with NFX4 though, and see how that turns out.

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    Re: How should I EQ to get more bass?

    You could always double the cello with a contrabass. Same notes but added lower frequencies from the bass.

    I\'m pretty sure that there are \'lower\' frequencies in non-bass sounds, like viola, clarinet, even violin. When you boost your entire mix at 200 Hz for example, you affect more than the \'bass\' instruments. Anyhow, I guess I\'m just really not into EQing a complete mix, unless it\'s for tv or computer speakers. I would rather just work on the balance of the instruments and use individual EQ on parts.

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    Re: How should I EQ to get more bass?

    I could use the NFX4.. but I\'m not sure what settings are good for the bassy instruments like basses, cellos, timpanis, etc. I assigned the timpani and cello section to DSP 5,6 and set the EQ to:

    L = just above the line below 12
    M, H = left them alone
    moved the end of the low-range up to 64Hz

    It sounds pretty nice.. but again, I don\'t know what I\'m doing. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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