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Topic: Is this legal?

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    Is this legal?


    Am I allowed to use my sample libraries to render another person\'s MIDI files to audio?

    I do not think that it is legal. Could the experts, please, comment.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Is this legal?

    Ofcourse you are allowed!? But if its for distribution you might violate the right of the original artist. Depend on what it is - and in what context you wanna use it. Be more specific please.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Is this legal?

    No - It is not legal to use your sounds and then give the audio file back to your friend. Wouldn\'t that be sweet.

    That\'s like giving your friend your samples and saying \"Here, use them\".
    But if your friend has your name along with his as to who the credit goes to, then yes, because your both involved producing the composition and they\'re your samples.

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    Re: Is this legal?

    It would be cool to have a very specific documentation about the legal issues regarding samples - what´s legal and what is not. \"nitpicking\" issues like this one wouldn´t cause any troubles whatsoever, if we had such a documentation to consult from.

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    Re: Is this legal?

    That better not be illegal. If so, my entire career right now would be considered illegal. I am on the Team Fat composing team (game music) and one of my main things is taking General MIDI compositions and doing some orchestration work and GigaFying it and making it all sound good. My arranging abilities and my Giga Rigs and libraries are a big part of my marketability and my specialty. Of course I\'m on the credits as a composer (or arranger) so I don\'t forsee that being a problem. And of course, my libraries don\'t leave my personal system to be used elsewhere. Still, it would piss me off to be told I\'m not \"allowed\" to do arrangements for people just because they don\'t own the libraries. How bout this. A client comes to your studio to have you produce an album. You use all your great library sounds on it. Does that mean the client has to purchase every single library that you used before they can release their album. I don\'t think so.
    I do see where this can slip into the grey area a bit. The main thing though, is to not copy and share or sell your libraries. That will get you into the quickest trouble.

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    Re: Is this legal?

    Originally posted by birdwizard:
    No - It is not legal to use your sounds and then give the audio file back to your friend. Wouldn\'t that be sweet.

    That\'s like giving your friend your samples and saying \"Here, use them\".
    But if your friend has your name along with his as composer then yes, because your the composer and they\'re your samples.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">What\'s it got to do with a sample developer whether you\'re a composer or not? It\'s none of his business.

    Aren\'t sample libraries instruments? It\'s not \'like\' giving them to your friend and saying \"here, use them.\" It\'s \'exactly\' (like) you using them to render your friend\'s midi file to audio. As long as you\'re not violating any rights to the music encoded in the midi file, how can you be doing anything wrong?

    If I spend fifty thousand dollars on libraries, and fifty thousand on studio equipment, why can\'t I then use those libraries to \'play\' music in the same way that I\'d use a fifty thousand dollar piano to perform and record someone else\'s composition? Surely all that is required (at most) is a list on the distributed music attributing the samples that I used. Why wouldn\'t that be enough? Why would sample developers be allowed to dictate that users have to be composers? That\'s crazy.

    If this were a software application, it would mean (for example) that nobody could do any typesetting unless the text was copyrighted by the typesetter.

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    Re: Is this legal?

    Their are actual laws for this, but the problem is the international differences in legislation. I think its called \"interlegal law legislation\", which is the concept of rules between different countries. Its the one matter that can never be solved. Thats why american online casino games are hosted on some distant Island in the Carribian according to 60-Minutes.

    : )

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Is this legal?

    There was a thread a while back I think about this topic,the end result was it seemed to be illegal to do this?!? We need some sample developers to clear this up if we\'re allowed to render other users midi files and what we need to do legally to protect ourselves and our investment.

    hmmm.. I wonder if certain sample developers hear a composer\'s work somewhere, recognize their samples, check the composer and find out he did not purchase the samples, they would \"assume\" he was pirating the samples when in reality he just had an authorized user \"render\" his midi file for them. This may be happening more than often. ? ? ?

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    Re: Is this legal?

    Thanks for all the replies. But is there actually written law that applies to this?


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    Re: Is this legal?

    Yes, like software, licensed user. As a teacher,
    the school district has to pay much more for a software program to be run on more than one computer. Sure, just burn copies, NOT leagal.
    You buy the samples, your the licensed user. No-one else.
    Can\'t sell them, loan them or give them to your son when your dead. That 10 thousand dollar sample library has to be buried with you.
    Hey, they don\'t say..\"Send you packing\" , for nothing.

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] sorry couldn\'t resist the humor...

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