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Topic: New Tune

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    New Tune

    Just finally got my midi latence issues about taken care of, so I finished a 32 second fight scene que. Fight Scene
    I used a few of my libs and really streched my jazz filled head to get out of sax,trumpet and bone orchestration.
    I know the mix is a little weak, but I am used to working in the studio with engineers and live musicians, so this is my next step. Learning to mix in a computer [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    As always, feedback appreciated.

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    Re: New Tune

    I couldn\'t get the link to work. The music on your site is very good.

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    Re: New Tune

    Sorry, the autolink feature added an extra http://
    Here is the new one Fight Scene

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    Re: New Tune

    Good work. I can see this working visually with a fight scene. You need to do something with the ambience, reverb, panning, and other production issues which someone more qualified than me can hopefully help you with. I think you\'ve got the tracking part down.

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