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Topic: COMB2 with Sibelius 6.2

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    Question COMB2 with Sibelius 6.2

    Hello, I'm new to Garritan. I have successfully installed the software and I can access the sounds in Sibelius, however I have two questions
    1. When I choose the sound for a particular stave in the Sibelius Mixer, the Channel number seems to set itself and the adjusters are disabled so that I can not set the channel myself. This results in the same channel being used for more than one stave. Is this normal behaviour?
    2. Is it possible to use more than 16 channels? Maybe the above has some bearing on this?
    Thank you for any help

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    Re: COMB2 with Sibelius 6.2

    Hello, Wezken - Welcome to the Forum. My first tip is for you to visit General Discussion, because that and The Listening Room are about the only pages still being visited with any frequency here. Use the Forum Jump menu at the lower right, and you'll see those Forums listed under Garritan.

    1) I understand your frustration with the first issue you've listed. It seems like you should be able to simply use the mixer to set things up however you want, including changing the MIDI Channel numbers.-- But you can't. Sibelius does fancy behind-the-scenes juggling to get all the instruments together for you, according to the names in your staves. Without doing some of your own set up manually, you'll be stuck with what the program comes up with. More on this below, since your second question is related to the same issue:

    2) Yes you can use as many channels/instruments as your computer can handle playing at the same time.

    Now - To control things more the way you want, you have to start using Custom Instruments. Basically, you add multiple instances of ARIA in the custom instruments dialogue, and you can specify what instruments are your preference i.e. Euphonium- choose the one in COMB.

    Naturally it's beyond the scope of this post to give a full tute on how to do all that. Information is in the Sibelius manual, AND if you haven't been to the Sibelius user Forum, I highly recommend you go there. It's a very active board, with Sibelius power users and company reps who seem to always come through with detailed, specific answers. Use the Search there, and you'll find answers to most any question you have.

    At that Forum, you'll find lots of posts about setting up custom instruments, if what you find in the manual isn't enough. But specifying your custom instruments is the key to solving your issues.

    Personal footnote--I'm primarily a DAW software user, Sonar to be exact. Lordy!--I wish notation programs were as simple, logical and straight-forward to use. In Sonar, or any other such recording program, you just insert a soft synth, load your instruments, and off you go. But in all notation programs, it's this complicated, arcane process which isn't at all intuitive and is never fast and easy. I wish it were otherwise, but--there ya go!

    Randy B.

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