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Topic: Please review my first project in Giga

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    Please review my first project in Giga

    First, I want to publicly thank Paul Houseman for helping this newbie to get this music to the boards (his patience is commendable). We had some limits on file sizes so I kept each tune to 1.8 Mb (it probably doesn\'t show \'theme development\' as well as I like, but I am grateful just to post it here.)

    Please take a listen and feel free to make comments / suggestions. My background is primarily Jazz Piano, but for the last year or so I have so enjoyed orchestral music. I can\'t tell everyone enough how helpful you have been to me in getting immersed in this technology. The willingness of so many to share their experiences and knowledge is so impressive. As I learn more (than just turning the gear on!!!!) I\'ll try to be helpful as well to others down the line.

    This music has not been final mixed or mastered (pretty rough). The libraries used are:

    Post Grandioso (Steinway)
    Sam Horns
    JV 1080 (yes, that and the Akai is all I had 6 months ago.)

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you might offer.


    Ancient People Destruction Despair March Home Redemption Stand Tall This Time War prep

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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga


    Great suggestions. I\'ll work on the SD\'s and String\'s (is there a freq I can lessen that would work on the \'brittleness\'. I currently have the -1350 and 2900 down a few dB.)

    The flutes are the wonderful freebies from Thomas J and Tob (trem\'s). I think I also used oboes from the JV. I really need to get a REAL woodwinds library!


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga


    Love the choir on destruction. Very well done.

    EDIT: Just gave a listen to Redemption. Awesome work. Great melody.

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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga

    Hi Rob,

    Love the music. Clearly no \'newbie\' at work here, I agree with Francis, this is mature composition.

    Regarding the brittleness you mentioned, the two frequencies you specified sometimes really need to get whacked down far more than just a few dB\'s. I\'ve gone as far down as 10-12, depending on the context. To make sure you\'ve got the right frequencies selected (you\'re at least close, I know), you can alway use a \'positive notch\' boost to precisely zero in on the worst offenders. Forgive me if this is already obvious to you.

    Also, since you\'re using GOS, did you try the warm strings? I find that they work well in certain contexts, depending on what other orchestration is happening.


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga

    Also, check out GOS Tender strings update.

    Inspired by yours truly. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I have great success with the update

    Here\'s an example.


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga

    Btw, guys - how do you \'cut paste\' someone\'s comments into the new reply?


    I have loved the Vota with Nuno\'s word building. In fact, if I can swing it my next house ape is going to be called Nuno [grin]. Thanks Nuno, from a lot of us.

    Regarding melody. For me, it is central. Not to say I don\'t have times where I just want Bartok, but I am a sucker for a solid theme.


    Thanks for your encouragement. I\'ll give the \'zeroing in\' idea a try. Sounds like the way to do it. Do you think all the strings sections could use the \'brittleness\' fix? Thanks again.


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga


    in case you passed that [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I have little or no succes with the Vota tool [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    It\'s me - Not it.

    When I can type, \"Glory\" and spell it as such and then hear \"Glory\"... then I can get it to work for me [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga

    I hear you Francis. Nuno has his update coming out in Jan that should make this more user friendly. I did spend a lot of \'trial and error\' time with it. In the end it mostly came out sounding \"Latin or something like it\" - which was actually fine for this project. I am really looking forward to what Nuno comes up with.


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga

    Fellow forum members, thanks for the words of encouragement and suggestions of \'tweaking the mix\' to get the project sounding better. Don\'t hesitate to suggest any \'arrangement\' ideas or suggestions if you have time.

    I know your time is valuable (someday I would love to get a writing gig of my own), - but if you \'hear\' something you would do different in any of these short examples you can share - many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Please review my first project in Giga


    Excellent textures! Can\'t say enough about that. The piano ties almost all the pieces together and it is obvious how well you know that instrument. You wisely switch to the piano\'s upper register on some of the pieces to avoid having it buried in the balance. I listened to all the pieces and I\'m wondering what are they part of? Did you make them as accompainant for something else?

    Really nice work.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I think the non-fx strings were about the only thing I would\'ve worked on more. From my limited experience with GOS, the samples can really come off sounding very synthy if you\'re not careful with how you use them, specially the big sustains in the attack and also on upper registers.

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