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Topic: EQ effect

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    EQ effect

    Hi all, and merry Christmas!

    Well I\'ve now tried about a gazillion times to register GS160 online, in order to get my free NFX4 EQ. Unfortunately it looks like I\'m going to have to go down the phone route, at enormous expense (I live in the UK, and have no doubt I will be on hold for most of a day), and losing the free EQ into the deal.

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has the NFX EQ plug-in and would be willing to e-mail it to me, since I am now more than entitled to it.

    Alternatively, if the EQ is absolute rubbish, just say so and we can save ourselves some bandwidth all round.

    OK, now back to killing those baddies in Time Crisis 3!

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    Re: EQ effect

    Hi Pingu, I was keen to get the NFX EQ when I first got Giga but honestly, I never use it.

    IMHO, you are better off simply rendering the file \"as is\" and applying treatment in your sequencer. I certainly dont think that the plug-in should warrant an international phone call.

    Of more concern would be having the latest update patch, do you have 2.54?

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    Re: EQ effect

    I agree with Scott. The EQ is extremely limited and mediocre in quality. I would not recommend that you waste that phone call.

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    Re: EQ effect

    Thanks guys - advice duly taken!

    I do have 2.54. It came as a huge surprise, given the current state of Tascam\'s support for GS, that the boxed version I got was already version 2.54, and I had no need of trying to get hold of the update patches. I guess miracles do happen occasionally.

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