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Topic: DDSS - glisses (pitch bends/vols)

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    DDSS - glisses (pitch bends/vols)

    A couple of months ago people here told me how to create DDSolo String glisses using pitch bends / midi volume and a target note on a different track. This was after I heard the Duncan Brinsmead Mahler Adagietto DDSS example and decided to see if I could implement that into my my oun music.

    I\'m surely not a computer newbie, but I haven\'t been able to get anything sounding even passable much less sounding good.

    Question: Can I buy a utility, plug in, or patch which has some of these already implemented for certain intervals at certain tempi?

    Or --- would someone out there want to share some of these so I can start working them into my peices and get a feel for it?

    Thanks ... Charlie

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    Re: DDSS - glisses (pitch bends/vols)

    Fascinating question. Some people will probably tell you Ntonyx Style Enhancer is your best bet, and maybe it is, in terms of off-the-shelf, but bear in mind that it takes some trial-and-error tweaking to optimize a patch for use with a particular SE preset, and vice versa.

    I\'ve found it helpful to use Digital Ear software to analyze, in terms of midi cc output, dry recordings of articulations of various instruments. From that you can kinda, sorta roll your own cc curves.

    Digital Ear can be found here


    and some dry recordings of violin articulations can be found here:



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