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Topic: Compositions Dedicated to Tara

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    Compositions Dedicated to Tara

    Well, I have finally joined the world of SoundCloud and I have to say it is such a convenient tool to share your music. I even joined the Garritan group on it!

    So, learning about how nifty it's widget is, I decided to place it on my composition site dedicated to Tara. I have a lot of uploading to do, but at least I can make a full and complete online playlist of compositions I have created for the memories of her.

    You can listen to the compositions I have uploaded so far here:

    Libraries Used:
    There are going to be many different libraries because my compositions go way back. The libraries also include future compositions (Vienna).

    - Vienna Special Edition Strings
    - Vienna Special Edition Woodwinds
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Sampletekk Black Grand Piano
    - True Pianos
    - Cakewalk Dimension Pro
    - EWQLSO Silver Edition
    - Giovanni Girl Choir LE
    - Diva Revamp
    - Vocaloid (Meriam Stockley)
    - Soundfonts



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    Re: Compositions Dedicated to Tara

    Excellent, Richard - Getting your work so organized online may inspire me and help me get off my duff to do something with my work which is scattered all over the place, mostly at Box which is fine for sharing, but not for having an organized group of recordings which are easily accessed. Good for you!


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    Re: Compositions Dedicated to Tara

    Thanks Randy! It is quite convenient. I wanna get everything on their eventually I think. Right now my main source of sharing for all my arrangements and compositions is youtube or drect mp3 download of the site which means you have to download save. The soundcloud player is really great asset based on what I have tested so far. I haven't really used the box before. TO be honest I newver even heard of it until I started listing demos here. It also looks like fairly decent way to share as well if you don't have site to host files on.



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