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Topic: Top Orchestrator?

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Lots of very impressive stuff from lots of people.

    Thomas J always impresses me with his compositons, orchestrations and recording and, although Duncan Brinsmead seems to have almost just started out doing mock-ups, there is something very special in his work.

    There are certainly at least half a dozen other guys who do great stuff and may be more experienced than the two I mention, but I know others will throw their names out and I wanted to make sure my two personal faves get a mention.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Thomas J has always made it real, even in the beginnig with limited samples. All around top guy who will be successful.
    Simon R, Maarten and Damon would be next in line in my opinion.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?



    nah just kidding, I think the most consistantly good is Thomas J, but he\'s not the only good one here.

    other top guys on this forum are (IMO)

    Simon Ravn - great full sounds, in his pieces.

    Maarten Spruijt - listen to his \"Metamorphose\" track and tell me thats not one of the coolest tracks you\'ve ever heard

    Tobias (tob) Marberger - Media Ventures sound all the way, and he\'s great at it.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Thomas J. He\'s way ahead of everyone else not just with orchestration but with getting the most out of his samples. There\'s lots of other good people here though, so many with similar abilities really. Only Thomas particularly shines above everyone else IMO.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Thomas\'s work is the only one that I\'ve heard where initially I ask myself, \"What orchestra played that.\" If a mock-up can do that, than there\'s something really special about that. Aside from technical abilities, his compositional abilities are inspiring, better than many film composers that I\'ve heard. *bowing* Very mature sounding, and his bombastic stuff makes for chicken skin.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Yeah, the best orchestral mockups ive heard is from Thomas but hes not flashing with his talent here much now.... (its now you post some of your new incredible tunes) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Thomas\' sampled works inspire. Listening to them reminds me of what these machines are capable of producing, and this always makes me want to sit down and work harder.

    I also think Thomas should be emperor of the world... does that disqualify my vote? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Wow, could someone please post links to some work done by Thomas J?

    It must be inspiring the way he is getting universal support at this forum.

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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    I have to concur. Thomas Bergersen is #1. Get him if you can...

    I\'d like to add, that there was a time when Thomas was accused of presenting real recordings as midi mock-ups by a few major guys on this forum. That\'s how good his work is.


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    Re: Top Orchestrator?

    Originally posted by Does It Matter?:
    Wow, could someone please post links to some work done by Thomas J?

    It must be inspiring the way he is getting universal support at this forum.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think he took all his demos offline but you\'ll find his latest public offering at www.projectsam.com

    Its called Flight To Rivendell.

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